Jan 4, 2010

Oh God. Fuck. Oh Jesus. This is...Fucking Hell

This is the greatest story I've ever seen online. Not because of the content. No. Because of the man behind the crime.
A former mayor of a Lancashire town has admitted breaking into women's homes and stealing their underwear.

Hey, it's not the best crime to commit and probably won't help his standing in the community but there have been worse crimes committed by politicians.

Ian Stafford, 59, of Sandycroft Place, Preesall, resigned as mayor of Preesall when he was arrested in connection with the missing garments.

Ah, fuck, Ian. It was all going so well. Why, oh, why would you do such a thing?

Oh. Well. Now it makes sense. And it's okay if you refer to the panties as "your friends."


André said...

if he's the mayor, what do the voters look like?

British Coal said...

Ian Stafford is innocent! Or if not innocent, then certainly not as guilty as he looks.

Join my campaign to see justice for Ian (or if not justice then a bit of bloody perspective)