Jan 4, 2010

Lady Idiot May Suffer Due To Her Mouth Hole

Michelle Bachmann is the dumbest Republican alive. I don't think that is debatable. In a delightful turn of events, her moronitude may actually be coming to bite her in the ass.

Last year, Bachmann repeatedly said she would defy the Census by not completely filling out the information on the forms, but would instead only give the number of people in her household. She said that Census data was used to conduct the 1940's Japanese-American internment, and warned that the government was seeking to gather information about people's mental health.

She actually should be worried that the government is gathering information on crazy people, due to her complete insanity. It's not, but who cares. The anti-Census crowd are a bunch of fucking lunatics. Thankfully, their leader may be screwing her own pooch.

It's ironic that a Minnesota member of Congress, Republican Michele Bachmann, went so far last summer to declare her intention to only partially complete her census forms, and to suggest reasons for others not to comply with the census law. If Minnesota loses a congressional seat, Bachmann's populous Sixth District could be carved into pieces.

Maybe Jesus can help her. Apparently, the 6th District is a meandering, oddly shaped mess. All the other Minnesota districts are normal shaped, so hers would be the easiest to absorb without causing a lot of headaches.

Aw. Well, maybe she can adopt another 748 children.

1 comment:

Doug said...

Hey, I live in her district. Who you callin 'oddly shaped mess'? Them be fightin words here in the 'Sagacious Sixth'.