Nov 3, 2009

Nation Shocked to Learn Loud Guy Also Stupid

I do love me some Representative Joe Wilson. Not only does he enjoy hobbies, like yelling "You Lie" at the president during a speech when the president tells the truth, but he's also mad at president for things he has no control over.

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) says President Obama has endangered American lives by not doing more to alleviate the nation's short supply of H1N1 vaccine.

"The current administration is solely responsible. They can't blame this on any prior administration," said Wilson. "This is the responsibility of the current administration. They've put the lives of Americans at risk."

Totally. It has nothing to do with the fact that the vaccine is growing at a much slower rate in eggs than normal flu vaccines. But, maybe Joe thinks the president controls vaccine growth rates. And the moon.

The DCCC pointed to a June vote on a supplementary appropriations bill as evidence. Wilson joined 95% of Republicans and voted against the bill, which contained special funding to combat H1N1 both domestically and internationally.

Of course he did.

Wilson has been personally touched by the H1N1 virus. Last week, he sent an email to his district announcing his wife, Roxanne, had been diagnosed with the swine flu and urging his constituents to get vaccinated.

Wilson says he plans to get vaccinated himself, but "only after the majority of Americans" have received the inoculation, he told CNN last week.

Uh huh.

So fucking stupid.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but those who voted him will still eat that shit up. Politics just seems like so much effort for nothing, sometimes. Business as usual. That's why I'm glad people like Grayson (and in fairness, even people like Obama, who succeed in reaching new people) are around, they shake things up.

André said...

does Grayson do house calls??
just unleash grayson on that bastard