Nov 3, 2009

GOP Dude Opens Face Hole

Arizona houses some of my favorite desert racists. Take Arizona Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash, who understands crime because he knows minorities, or something.

Ash said Rogers "sits in his little house in midtown, with his kids who go to school, with his little his little neighborhood," and then, in a startling assertion, accused Rogers of being "blind to all the crime" because Rogers didn't life in a Hispanic neighborhood: "It may not be happening in his neighborhood but you ask any of the brown people who live on the South side, or the West side, or the South Central side of Tucson."

Darkies are not having a good time, buddy! Lighties are totally ignorant about the problems the brown people face.

The world you must live in which allows you to casually use the words "brown people" in conversation is completely alien to me.

Now we wait for the sort of apology.

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