Nov 2, 2009

Bush Shares Important Thoughts on bin Laden

Prepare to be stunned.

Asked whether al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden could be alive, Bush said “I guess he is not dead.”

Totally miss you and your brain.

He, however, noted that Laden is hiding and “not leading victory parades” or “espousing his cause” on TV.

So true. It sucked when bin Laden had his own talk show and was having all those parades.


Bob said...

It might RETURN(?) to brutal tyranny. Last time I checked W. they still buried Afghani women to their necks and beat their heads with stones when they fall outta line.

Maybe we should dress GW up like a harlot and drop him off in Kabul.

André said...

what? did you really expect W to get all smart and witty after leaving office? he's a retard. he was a retard when he was president, he was a retard when running for congress. retardedness doesn´t improve with time. he will die even more retarded then he is today