Oct 13, 2009

Not Making Sense Against Obama

Some dudes at a golf course decided to attack Obama with the shoes and grass or something.
Country club grounds keepers found the letter “I,” a swastika and the name “Obama” dug into the green at the 18th hole early yesterday morning, said golf course owner Gary Mosca.
"I swastika Obama." Um. That makes no sense. Nor does "I, deer crossing sign, Obama" make sense. Maybe just a swastika and Obama would work, but the "I" seriously undermines your point.

Also, you did it on a fucking golf course. Aren't you a revolutionary?
The vandals either used their heels or a board to carve the message, which is about 20 by 30 feet, Mosca said. He said the vandals did not dig in deep enough to damage the root system and he plans to turn the swastika into a box.
Oh, thank God. My first thought was about the root system. PHEW!


Bob...... said...

I know when the revolution comes that will be the last place I go is the fucking golf course. That'll be the first place the poor will burn.

pagnaet said...

In Eastern religions, it represents peace, harmony, and eternity. Obama might try some of that shit for once.