Oct 14, 2009

Glenn Beck Pops Open a Can of Holocaust

Glenn Beck has a pretty fantastic take on the criticism of Fox News. Apparently, it is very much like the Holocaust.
When they’re done with Fox, and you decide to speak out on something. The old, "first they came for the Jews, and I wasn’t Jewish." When you have a question, and you believe that something should be asked, they’re a — totally fine with you right now; they have no problem with you.

When they’re done with Fox and talk radio, do you really think they’re going to leave you alone if you want to ask a tough question?
Yes, I actually do. I found a little kink in your "If they kill Fox News they will put you in ovens" theory. Fox News wasn't around a few years ago and plenty of people were asking tough questions. No one was being exterminated.

Also, tough questions can mean anything, for instance, "Have you ever tossed anyone's salad?" Imagine asking the president that one. Very tough.
Do you really think that a man who has never had to stand against tough questions and has as much power as he does — do you really believe after he takes out the number one news network, do you really think that this man is then not going to turn on you? That you and your little organization is going to cause him any hesitation at all not to take you out?

If you believe that, you should open up a history book, because you’ve missed the point of many brutal dictators. You missed the point on how they always start.
You're handling a tiny bit of criticism very, very well.

Oh, and you just told people to kill Obama.


andrecascais1 said...

this motherfucker makes me sick
i cant really tell if he believes what hes saying or if it's just taking advantage of the situation, but i would gladlly shoot him in the face and procced to fucking him in the ass in front of his children before fucking them in the ass while they watch theyre mother be raped by a dog before handcuffing them all to a tree and hitting them with a pick up truck

Inferno Silver said...

if the shitkicker is honestly this fucked-up in the head now, when he's purportedly sober, someone should really, really get him to start drinking again.