Oct 12, 2009

Baby Fat Pants a No Go

Some babies need to get some exercise and ease up on the donuts.

Alex Lange is a chubby, dimpled, healthy and happy 4-month-old.

But in the cold, calculating numbered charts of insurance companies, he is fat. That's why he is being turned down for health insurance.

If we let every Fatty McFatterdiaper onto the insurance rolls, everyone's premiums will go up and profits will go down. Try jogging, you 4-month-old lazy fuck.

By the numbers, Alex is in the 99th percentile for height and weight for babies his age. Insurers don't take babies above the 95th percentile, no matter how healthy they are otherwise.

Also, all babies are stupid and don't even know they are not insured. So, who gives a fuck?

For now, Alex should take one less trip per week to Wendy's.


André said...

i actually agree with "no insurance for fat people"..as for babys, maybe they need to review the chart.

being fat is not a illness
not if 50% or 60% of the population is fat.
anorexia is an illness, it afects a small percentage of people. fatness in the vast majoroty of cases is not.
having 1 out of 2 people being obese is just stupidity. the produce less, the spend more in health and food, and they increase the damand for resources out of greed (its the other captital sin im looking for..not lust..cant recall the word in english) while people starve in other parts of the world.
they are fucking disgusting and should be sent to fat camps. i do not care about they´re fellings.. i am not talking about someone who has no say in they´re illness, like cancer and shit. they did that to themselfs because they are fucking retards and i should not have to listen to them whine about the looks they get from people and stuff. they did it to themselfs and it's not a sickness and i should not have to tolerate them. be tolerant about minoritys, be tolerant about blacks, sure, it's not like they can help being black. hell, M.J. even tried to go white out of the goodness of his heart. ok, it didn't work, but that was comitment.
thats what the fat fucks need. comitment. lay of the food,stupid

to this day, i still don´t get how the fat fuck on "LOST" made it this far.. if i was stranded on an island whith a fatty, i'd just tell him to start swiming, or i would turn him in to pork and beans

Anonymous said...

I hope you find more tolerance for your horrific grammar and spelling than you are willing to grant to the obese.

Never mind, fuck off you ignorant french fuck.