Oct 27, 2009

He's Not Playing Your Game

It is fascinating to watch Alan Greyson take on the entire bullshit process and society of Washington. The guy simply does not care about playing by the rules. He's rich. Very rich. I assume that gives him the freedom to not worry about being re-elected. Either that, or he has an inability to partake in bullshit. That is something I understand. It's gotten me in trouble a few times and has helped me out a few times. I just can't take watching blathering nonsense. I have a distorted sense of justice and have a feeling Greyson may have the same "problem."

He burst onto the seen last month when he stood on the House floor and called Republicans out for being heartless monsters. The effect was immediate. Suddenly, Republicans were no longer on the attack. They were playing the victim card - and you don't win debates by playing the victim card (see Democratic Party 1980-present). The GOP attempted to fight back but they had built their entire health care argument on lies and nonsense. Greyson was cutting through to the meat of the matter: You don't care about people dying or you do. Republicans had no answer because their argument wasn't about people dying, it was about money and big government. The entire debate shifted. Win for Greyson.

Now Greyson has caused another ripple in the waters of Corporate Lawmaker Lake. He called a lobbyist a "K Street Whore." People are very upset. The lobbyist in question happens to be a woman. I'd actually say it's offensive to whores - at least they provide a decent service and don't destroy America.

There is nothing lower than a lobbyist in the eyes of America. It's a big reason why Obama was elected. The lobbyist Greyson called a whore is currently a lobbyist for the Federal Reserve and was previously a lobbyist for Enron. My God. Is this really the lobbyist you want to support, Washington? The answer is, of course, yes.

The Politico reports that some of Grayson's House Democratic colleagues are creating some distance from him in light of this. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) called the comment "inappropriate and unfair" to Robertson. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was more blunt: "Is this news to you that this guy's one fry short of a Happy Meal?"

Really? These guys are so deep in the entrenched corporate shit, they can't even see where this one is going. Weiner basically calls Greyson crazy, but he's not. He not playing the game. He didn't play the game with the health care debate and no one knew what in the fuck to do with him. NO ONE. The same thing is going to happen here. Guys, he's not playing by your rules. If this plays out the same way as the health care debate, he goes on TV and explains why lobbyists are whores. America responds by nodding their heads. And Washington will continue to not understand why Greyson won't bow down.

The are whores. We all know lobbyists are the reason our country is a huge pile of shit right now.

But, by all means, try to defend a lobbyist.

I'll sit back and enjoy the man cutting through a shit cake with his large knife.


Bob said...

Former Enron lobbyist? Woman or not...whore. That's how you spell it.

Dick Cheney...blood dripping war beast.

GOP...Hypochristians using religion to dupe people the way the socialist workers party in Berlin did in the late 30's.

American protestants...The REAL threat to national security.

Alan Greyson is my numba 1 stunna. Loving his candor.

Dave Anthony said...

And then he apologizes.

Oh, well, I guess I can't predict everything.

pagnaet said...

I really like this guy. He single-handedly changed my perception of Florida.

jason said...

i love that guy.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about his apology. He's shown his true colors. You're absolutely right that he is not playing the game. So he will continue to do so. Besides, sensational comments always get more coverage than apologies. That's why important shit is on the front page and retractions are buried in the middle.

Most people won't remember his apology. They'll remember this guy had enough sack to call out a lobbyist for what they are.