Oct 27, 2009

Good Luck With This Contest!

You guys should really get in on this.

Join a Contest! Win Prizes!
Who Can make the best "Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid BURN IN HELL!" video?

First prize: Expenses paid for weekend here in DC during Roe vs Wade anniversary, Jan 22-24, including pro-life training seminar (Includes travel stipend!), and full Insurrecta Nex television series.

Second Prize: 2 Sets of Insurrecta Nex training series, and two sets of all books authored by Randall Terry. (One set for you, one for your Church.)

Third Prize: 1 Set Insurrecta Nex training series.

In addition, all Contestants will receive a free copy of episodes 1-4 of Insurrecta Nex.
Send link of your video by NOVEMBER 15, 2009 to: Burninhell@overturnroe.com

Legal Mumbo Jumbo: Obey local laws on open flames; be careful; if under 18, do not burn Nancy Pelosi in effigy unless your mom or dad is with you, and gives you permission, and strikes the match; do not burn yourself; do not burn another human being; do not burn small animals; do not burn large animals; do not burn anyone from PETA; and remember: this is not a threat to Nancy Pelosi's or Harry Reid's person...it is a prophetic witness of what awaits them when they die if they do not repent for this horrific sin.

Oh, and happy Roe v. Wade anniversary!


TheGigaShadow said...

Gotta love the Christians. They're such good people.

pagnaet said...

Its good to see dissent and criticism of Government is no longer treason. Well, until a Republican gets back in office, anyway.

Derek said...

If you're not in you can't win! Nice job on your first podcast, really enjoyed it a lot (too short though)- only bad thing for me was the really low volume. I had to crank my iPod up to 11, which of course was awesome when this morning I put on my headphones (forgetting to turn the vol down) and pulled a 'FUCCCKKKK' like your jogging buddy there :)

André said...

too bad the prizes are so shitty, i really would like something to keep me bussy, but this aint worth it

Dave Anthony said...

Sorry about the low volume on the podcast, Derek. I figured out the problem (or my old radio producer called me up and told me the problem). The next one will be louder.

Derek said...

No worries Dave! Can't wait for the next chunk o'audiosity :)