Oct 12, 2009

Obama Goes All George Bush

While everyone is cheering on Obama and his "change" and pretty smile, no one seems to have noticed he is carrying on Bush's destruction of The Constitution. It's exciting how he supports Bush's draconian domestic agenda and legally argues to kidnap and disappear people around the world.


You might assume that in the American market economy, telecommunications service providers are private companies. But the Obama Justice Department, in a strange filing with a federal court in San Francisco, explains that the facts are somewhat different. In a sense, the Justice Department said, the telecom companies are just extensions of one big, happy government family: their communications with the government are interagency communications and are entitled to secrecy.

The communications between the agencies and telecommunications companies regarding the immunity provisions of the proposed legislation have been regarded as intra-agency because the government and the companies have a common interest in the defense of the pending litigation and the communications regarding the immunity provisions concerned that common interest.

Now Wired reports that federal judge Jeffrey White has ruled against this ploy, insisting that the government turn over its communications with the telecoms on a subject of vital public interest: securing legislation that grants the telecoms immunity for participating in an illegal surveillance scheme engineered by the Bush Administration. Rather than comply with the court’s order, the Obama Justice Department is now seeking an emergency stay while it continues the crusade for secret government that is immune to accountability for criminal misconduct.
Your president is a complete asshole.


pagnaet said...

Can I throw my shoe at him now?

Bob said...

There's that old taste in my mouth again. I recall memories based around taste and smell and this tastes and smells just like the day he voted for Government spying on phone calls.

But whatever, as long as he gets the terrorists I'm sure a text message from some 16 year old girl about the dime-bag she's trying to score will go completely unnoticed. Unless she lives in Oklahoma of course. They'll hang you in public for even thinking about pot in this state.

GMtechDude said...
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André said...

no pot in oklahoma???
i would blow up a fucking mall if there was no pot in my town...

Bob said...

Usually when presidents start acting like George Bush we usually give them back to the hillbillys that gave him to us. This time however most of the people who took the "road less traveled" over "same old broken down piece of shit white man road" Will just have to accept what's happening and wait till the GOP gets back in control so we all can really see what class wars and poverty and detention camps look like.

I'm sure your industry will be back on track within the next 4 years grease monkey. Just enough time to get your Palin/Limbaugh: apocalypse 2012 cuz christ says so tshirt, a'la Stone Cold Steve Austin. Gonna get them sinners and put em away!!!

Dave Anthony said...

Um, yeah. I was never a big fan of Obama.