Jul 20, 2008

Yay! Insurance Company Saves Money!

This is one of those rare 'warm your heart' stories from Stop All Monsters. How many times do we actually come across something that uplifts the soul? Rarely. Today is a true gem.
A 19-year-old Tampa Bay, Fla., woman is suffering from a debilitating brain disorder that may kill her after an insurance company canceled the family's medical coverage just before she was due to receive life-saving brain surgery, Tampa Bay’s 10 News reported.
How horrible would that have been? Can you imagine having to pay for brain surgery? What a disaster.
She was hours from getting the necessary surgery for her condition when her insurance company, Aetna, waited too long to approve the operation, giving the green light 15 minutes too late. By the time it sent approval, Jackson had lost the operating room to another patient and her surgery had to be rescheduled.

But Aetna then told Jackson it would not cover the surgery at all, saying her benefits had run out and leaving her to cover the $113,000 surgery.

Jackson told Tampa Bay’s 10 News that while her family is in talks with lawyers about appealing the insurance company's decision and while Aetna reviews her case, she has put her life on hold.
We need to put a stop to frivolous surgery. Glad someone finally put their foot down. Is it wrong to wish brain cancer on an entire company?

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