Jul 20, 2008

God Damn Hippy Republican

Oregon Republicans have hippy problem and its name is Joel Haugen. Joel is running as the Republican nominee is Oregon's first district. He won the GOP primary with 70% of the vote, but his fellow Republicans aren't down with his bullshit. Haugen has been barred from speaking at, or even attending, the state GOP convention. And he's not allowed to go near Republican booths a fairs and festivals in Columbia and Yamhill Counties. There's still no word on whether or not Fox is going to take away his news channel.

So, what did he do? Child molestation? Did he murder an old lady with her own cane? Did he throw a hump on a llama in a church? Nope. He's, just got some crazy ideas about life.
"He's not a Republican", said Fred Yauney, Chair of the Columbia County Republicans. "He's a Republican in name only", in response to questions about why Haugen was excluded from the nominating convention and not permitted to sit in the county booths.
Hmmm. Like what? Is he not a total dick?
Haugen is staunchly conservative on fiscal issues. However, he also supports universal health care, US energy independence by 2019, a timetable for the removal of US troops from Iraq, and is arguably more progressive on many issues than Democratic incumbent, David Wu.
I'm surprised Republicans aren't publicly stoning him.

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