Jan 25, 2018

Does not look like a super villain from an 80's Superman move at all.

Jul 13, 2016


From 2006.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Assessment titled:  White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement

Since coming to law enforcement attention in late 2004, the term "ghost skins" has gained currency among white supremacists to describe those who avoid overt displays of their beliefs to blend into society and covertly advance white supremacist causes.
Might help to explain what we are seeing.  I found the white power texts of the SF cops to be especially concerning considering I am from that area and would have thought they wouldn't want to work in the city.  But maybe they do.  Maybe that's exactly what they want.  Even more reason for cops to start to actual police themselves.  Though, that didn't work out for Serpico.

I also read a blog that stated one of the cops killed in Dallas was a neo nazi, which lead me down the wormhole to this.   The blog contained no proof, so I won't link to it.  It's completely unsubstantiated garbage until some actual proof is presented.

Interesting to think about.

The Serious Problem Of No Indictment

I have a small point to make regarding Hillary Clinton because I don't see anyone saying it.

We are living in a time of great anger toward the system.  The powers that be have lost the people.  Plain and simple. No one believes in the government.  Not those on the left, not those on the right,and not those in the middle (Well, a few of those).

This isn't something that we arrived at overnight. It was a long process our representatives built over time.  Over and over, we have been shown there are different laws and rules for those who govern and for the rich.  I believe one of the things that is driving this anger at its deepest level is the economic destruction after the housing crisis.  It still remains.  Older people have not recovered their investments because they were wiped out.  Those who lost their houses are renters.  Many who lost their jobs did not return to work or now work in service positions for much less.  The recovery has been for the few.

And who was prosecuted for the blatant wrongdoing?  Who paid for destroying our economy?  No one.  Who led us into a war based on false information and lies about the ease of that victory?  Who paid for that?  No one.  Who is paying for the killings of black Americans?  No one.  The examples of politicians, the rich, and those with power getting away with illegal acts is endless.

Actually, I should correct myself. Who paid for destroying the economy?  The people.  The people bore the brunt of it.  The rich bought new boats.  It's not like that's invisible. Everyone knows this.   Though there are not specific things one can point at, it is now a feeling that permeates our society.  It is a thing.  Much like if someone robbed you of all of your possessions and money and you knew who it was but couldn't do anything about it.  So, everyday you walk around with that in your head.  It becomes a part of you.  That feeling of, "THIS IS WRONG."

That is where we are.

It wears on people.  It breaks a society.  What are you without the rule of law?  Those without justice and hope will make their own justice.  We saw that in Dallas last week.  We are seeing it with the rise of Trump and socialism on the left.

There is one thing you could do that would be worse than all others in an environment like this. Nominate an establishment politician and who has done something that is on the edge of legal.  And then have that politician get away with it.

You have sunk an arrow directly into the feeling that permeates society and is feeding its rage.  You hit the soft spot.

 And he now leads her in polls in swing states in the "honesty" category.  DONALD TRUMP LEADS HILLARY CLINTON IN HONESTY IN OHIO, PENNSYLVANIA AND FLORIDA.  Let that sink in.

Poking the bear at this time is shockingly stupid, Democrats.   But that's what you just did.  Hope it works out.

Jun 17, 2016

Trump Trying To Lose?

I wrote on my Facebook page that Trump only had 30 paid general election staff across the country, so I thought he was trying to lose.

And then someone posted this.


Jun 16, 2016

How Comparing Cars and Guns Makes You Look Smart

From the New York Times:
A man who called 911 to proclaim allegiance to the Islamic State terrorist group, and who had been investigated in the past for possible terrorist ties, stormed a nightclub, wielding a Nissan Pathfinder, and carried out the worst mass hit and run in United States history, leaving 50 people dead and 53 wounded.
The attacker, Omar Mateen, turned what had been a celebratory night of dancing to salsa and merengue music at the crowded Pulse nightclub into a panicked scene of unimaginable slaughter.  
Joel Figueroa and his friends “were dancing by the hip-hop area when I heard an engine revving, a horn honking, and thump, thump, thump,” he said, adding, “Everybody was screaming and running toward the front door.”
Pulse, which calls itself “Orlando’s Latin Hotspot,” was holding its weekly “Upscale Latin Saturdays” party. The car assault began around 2 a.m., and some patrons thought at first that the thumping sounds they heard were part of the loud dance music.
A three-hour standoff followed the initial driving, with people inside held hostage until around 5 a.m., when law enforcement officials led by a SWAT team raided the club, using an armored vehicle and explosives designed to disorient and distract. Over a dozen police officers and sheriff’s deputies engaged in a drive off with Mr. Mateen, leaving him dead and an officer wounded, his life saved by a Kevlar helmet that deflected a bumper.
Of an estimated 320 people in the club, nearly one-third were hit by the Nissan Pathfinder. The casualties far exceeded those in the 2007 car attacks at Virginia Tech, where 32 people were killed, and the 2012 car attack at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., where 26 people died.
As he had done after several previous mass car attacks, the president said the car attack demonstrated the need for what he called “common-sense” automobile measures.
“This massacre is therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a car that lets them run over people in a school or a house of worship or a movie theater or a nightclub,” Mr. Obama said. “We have to decide if that’s the kind of country we want to be. To actively do nothing is a decision as well.”
Mr. Mateen, who lived in Fort Pierce, Fla., was able to continue working as a security guard with the security firm G4S, where he had worked since 2007, and he was able to buy cars. The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles said Mr. Mateen had legally bought a Nissan Pathfinder and a Honda Civic in the past week or two, though it was not clear whether those were the cars used in the assault, which officials described as a crossover, derived from Nissan's compact pickup truck platform.  

Jun 7, 2016

My Votes - California

Here is who I have selected to vote for, as some have asked.

Supervisor 5th District - Billy Malone

US Senate - Steve Stokes (Bernie endorsed)

State Assembly - Kassakhian (Bernie endorsed)

US Rep - No difference.

State Senate - Anyone but Antonovich, who is a fucking monster.

11 - Kim
42 - Zuzga
60 - Baghdassarian
84 - Yun
120 - Ibisi
158 - Mesropi
165 - Warren

President - Sanders.  Send her to the convention bloody and beaten.

Jun 6, 2016

The Strange Timing of The Oligarchy

So, tonight Hillary was crowned the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. Was an interesting choice to name her on the even of 6 states voting, including the largest in the country. Some would say a very odd choice. Hillary has 571 delegate votes before she is the nominee and super delegates don't vote until July. It was constructed that way for a reason - to stop someone like Bernie late. Not now. Later. So, why not just wait until tomorrow and let the democratic process take place?

Well, there are some things going on here. Polls have shown Bernie gaining on Hillary here in California for weeks. Most recent one had him ahead by a point. This is a pattern that can be found in most states where he has won. And for the Democratic Party, there could be nothing worse right now than to have Clinton take a beating before she clinches. She's already the second most disliked candidate since the likability polls began. (1982?) The most disliked is Trump. And she was being challenged by a 75 year old Jewish Socialist. That's insane. Can't really get more embarrassing than that for the establishment candidate. Not at all.

But there was something much bigger happening and it started to become obvious not just because of Sanders, but because what was being said online. It suddenly dawned on the party what was going on. Bernie wasn't trying to win the election. His followers, it turns out, weren't deluded and didn't think he was going to win. No, they were in it to beat her in the last states, to embarrass the anointed one before her coronation. This stopped being about winning the election a while ago and had turned into a movement for the future.

Left of liberal candidates started coming out for the 2018 election to take Congress a while ago. Today, there was a meeting of higher ups of Sanders supporters; the organizers, the ones who move things. They got together to discuss after the election. To talk about how to take the country back. And the election is not even over. Because it is a movement. To stop the corruption.

And then the AP calls the election and a lot of other media jump on board. The day before California votes. Transparently obvious. Now Hillary can't take a beating before the coronation. Because they have an excuse: "Her people didn't come out because she had won." Good luck with that one.

California will still sting. But more than that. This is the kind of shit that will be remembered, that will galvanize a movement. Anger does not go away until you appease it somehow. All they have done here is make people more angry. These are the classic type of errors that are looked back on with regret. Enjoy your time, Democrats. It's going to be short.

May 21, 2016

Something Every Bernie and Hillary Supporter Should Read

This was written by Susan Saxe. Sums up my beliefs perfectly.

I want to share some thoughts about the huge disconnect between Bernie and Hillary supporters. We are talking past each other for a variety of reasons, but I want to explore just one--the belief that we are in the midst of an unprecedented environmental crisis and that the clock is running out for our survival vs. the belief that we can continue with business as usual, maybe with a few tweaks.
I have written about the disconnect between identity feminism and radical feminism already and may write about the crisis of end-stage capitalism later. I have posted articles about the role of racism as well. These and other issues are entwined, but for the moment, let’s use the environmental crisis as emblematic of the disconnect in this analogy.
For the record, before I get any of the usual lectures aimed at Berners, I am a 67 year old radical feminist, I have been a Democrat since I first voted, my neighbors probably know me because I have knocked on their doors for Democratic candidates and everyone knows where I will be on the first Tuesday of November, rain or shine. In addition I have a long history of opposing the neoliberal (and yes, I know it has many meanings) project for decades. My continued opposition has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that its standard bearer is now a female. I also have a long history of working both inside and outside “the system” for social change. So don’t lecture me about being an ignorant young upstart who just sits aside and complains, particularly if you have voted Dem, but never lifted a finger to get further involved and are now indignantly berating younger Democrats who are trying to get involved.
So before reading further, please take this little test I’ve made up to see if this essay is for you:
1. Do you believe that the overwhelming majority of the world’s climate scientists are correct in their belief that we are in the midst of a sixth extinction and that we need to take immediate and drastic action to reduce our global carbon footprint or pass a point of no return, beyond which human civilization, and perhaps even human life will be essentially extinguished by the end of this century? If yes, read on, if no, conversation over—enjoy your alternate universe with completely different physics.
2. If you believe that the environmental crisis is real, do you think that we can afford to continue with business as usual for another 4-8 years, supporting an “all of the above” energy policy, and allowing more and more of the world’s wealth and power to accrue to a shrinking ruling class which benefits from and has no will to change the status quo? If yes, please explain why. Here are some suggestions:
a. Science will somehow save us at the last minute through a miraculous new energy source that will transform everything overnight with no struggle on our part, a geo-engineering Hail Mary or finding a new planet to live on.
b. Were so screwed that there is no use resisting, we may as well just ignore the doomsayers and party on.
c. When it gets bad enough the ruling class will have a sudden change of heart and launch a Manhattan Project level effort that will save the planet with no further prodding from us.
d. It will be really, really bad, but as one of the most privileged people on earth, I really don’t care what happens to a few billion starving, desperate climate refugees trekking through failed states in search of a few drops of water. When the dust settles, I’ll still be ok. Or conversely, I’m old and won’t live to see the worst of it, so let the youth worry about it as long as they don’t annoy me by raising their voices and making a fuss.
e. Some other reason: ________
3. If you don’t think we can afford 4-8 more years of business as usual, what do you plan to do about it?
a. Convince myself that it’s not really that bad. After all, I’m not a scientist so I can just let in as much as I can deal with and not get upset.
b. I get how bad it is but I don’t want to be considered strident or crazy, so I’m just going to go along with business as usual and try not to think about it, settle for incremental changes and hope for the best, because real, systemic change is impossible or just too hard or risky.
c. Work for systemic change through the system and hope that scientists are wrong and that we have another 20 years to get started taking this seriously, rather than already being close to the point of no return.
d. Fight tooth and nail for the best shot we have to save our planet and ourselves. That means not giving up on system change, and directly confronting the political and financial infrastructure that is driving the crisis.
OK, so this is for everyone in categories 3a, b and c. I’m in 3d in case you missed it.
So, here we are on the Titanic, headed for the iceberg. The small minority of people in First Class are partying like it’s 1912 and are only interested in having a good time and making it to New York as fast as possible. The Crew works for the First Class passengers and their livelihoods depend on pleasing them. The middle class in Tourist just wants to get to New York, as do the multitudes below decks in Steerage.
A growing group of people in Tourist and Steerage are aware of some very interesting information about the ship, including that it is proceeding at a very dangerous speed through waters awash with icebergs, and that there are not enough lifeboats on board for everyone. They are becoming restive and demanding that the Crew slow down as quickly as possible to a safe speed and turn the boat on a new course. They call themselves the Turners.
The Turners’ questions and demands are met with patient explanations about the history and finances of the passenger liner business, and why it is important for people to get to New York as quickly as possible. The First Class passengers have important business to attend to and after all, it is their high fares that make the whole business profitable. The people in Steerage will also be better served getting to New York faster because they will be more comfortable on land and will be able to start their new lives sooner to reach the American Dream.
But the Turners persist. Getting to New York a few days earlier does not justify taking an enormous risk of catastrophe. Sighing, the Crew listens some more, and gives them a tour of the engine room, as well as a detailed itinerary, map and business plan of the shipping line, to show how much thought and effort has gone into this voyage. They consider it very immature and inappropriate that these upstart passengers should presume to tell them how to run a ship. It is also very unreasonable of the Turners to not care that the shipping line runs on a very tight profit margin and any delay that would be caused by slowing down or changing course dramatically would result in lost profits, lost jobs and maybe even worse. What is the matter with these people?
Some of the Turners’ leaders point out that they have degrees in Maritime Engineering and/or have worked in the shipping industry for decades, some even for this very shipping company. They are met with blank stares or accusations of disloyalty.
The Turners continue to assert their argument, more insistently than ever. The Crew grows increasingly exasperated, feeling like they are not being listened to and respected. They are tired of being distracted from their jobs, asked to risk their reputations and livelihoods by going against their bosses and second guessed by these obstreperous landlubbers who have no regard for their experience and professionalism. The ship, after all, is unsinkable.
The Turners continue working below decks to educate their fellow passengers about ship construction and safety, revealing that the shipping line has a very bad safety record. Due to deregulation, there were no inspections in place when the welding was done, and it is likely that inferior rivets were used. Also, there are flaws in the hull plan. The ship is indeed sinkable. And then there is that thing about the lifeboats. They go back to the Crew, a larger crowd and more alarmed than ever.
Meanwhile the First Class passengers have gotten wind of the discontent and have started rumors among the Tourist and Steerage passengers that a band of malcontents are plotting to slow them down, turn them off course and sabotage the voyage. Things quickly get out of control and a faction arises, largely among the Tourist class, blaming the Steerage passengers for being a threat. They say the poor people are foreigners and troublemakers who should be dumped overboard. They call themselves the Dumpers. Bands of Dumpers begin drawing up plans to take over the ship and chop holes in the hull with the intention of drowning the people in Steerage. They categorically deny that we are all in the same boat.
Meanwhile, the Turners are growing more frustrated and urgent in their demands. The clock is ticking, the ship is entering icy waters; small icebergs have been sighted. Voices are raised. Tempers flare. Now the conversations about the course of the ship and the dangers of the waters are replaced with long conversations about tone of voice, the relative needs of various classes of passengers in regard to getting to New York on time, and more details of how the shipping industry is run, financed and regulated. The Turners, for some incomprehensible reason, are not impressed by all this information. People who say they once sympathized with them are now claiming to be so turned off by their attitude that they would rather risk drowning in the North Atlantic (which at this point seems rather abstract) than put up with the persistent unpleasantness, which is in their faces right now.
It’s getting colder. Medium sized icebergs are sighted with greater frequency. The seas are choppy and the First Class passengers are pressuring the Captain to turn up the steam and go faster. The Turners find out that this is happening and start threatening mutiny. They are met with an even angrier explanation of how things are done in the real world and stern warnings about the history of past failed maritime mutinies. They are also told that they had better side with the Crew to defeat the Dumpers who are now out with axes trying to chop through the hull. And they are graciously offered input into the arrangement of the deck chairs, dinner menus and evening entertainment.
The Turners persist, continue to educate and organize, and continue to gain traction. A vote is taken. Everyone over the age of 18 in Tourist is allowed to vote. Everyone in Steerage over the age of 18 who meets certain requirements that only about half of them can meet is also allowed to vote. The First Class Passengers are given veto power. The Turners, while growing more numerous, feel that the deck is stacked against them. They object strenuously at every stage. They complain that the system is rigged and are told that they agreed to this system when they booked passage. If they wanted different rules they should have gone into the shipping business years ago and worked their way into management. Now it is too late. No chairs are thrown yet, but people start to believe that they have been, and that manufactured controversy now drives the conversation…
So by now we all get the “drift,” no? There are two different universes trying to communicate here. The Turners believe that we are all in the same boat and in urgent danger that requires unprecedented and immediate action. The Crew and some of the other passengers believe that we are all in the same boat, with somewhat different ideas as to whether we should be going a few degrees to the left or right, but we should all just come together under the direction of the Crew and Captain, to overcome the crazy Dumpers, and if the Turners don’t agree, why they are no better than the Dumpers. The Dumpers, of course, are in a third universe where we are each in our own boat, at war with each other. They are not even trying to communicate with the rest of us.
Is this starting to make sense? So, if you were a Turner, believing that we are headed for an iceberg of epic proportions, would you just quit? Would you respond well to complaints that you were rude or immature because you are not being “reasonable” and insisting on “having things your own way?” Would you trust leaders who are telling us that we are essentially on the right course and that our greatest danger is pirates, not icebergs? Not bloody likely if you understand that even though there are some pirates, the people steering our ship into the path of the iceberg are a great danger to us in the end. Add to that that they clearly intend to hog all the lifeboats when the ship sinks and yeah, we’re mad as hell and not going to take it any more. Does that help?

May 19, 2016

How The Nevada Democratic Party Stole Nevada From Bernie.

The reason there is so much focus on Bernie supporters being upset and going crazy is because it takes the focus off of what was simply the theft of the state of Nevada.

Here's how it went down.
The Nevada Caucus has three tiers.
Hillary won the first tier on February 20th.  Part of the reason she won is that Harry Reid called the president of the Culinary Workers Union in Nevada to ensure that "tens of thousands" of culinary workers would not have to work the day of the caucus. That was done, with pay.  They were just told to vote for Hillary.   Hillary won the first tier but anyone who watched video of the caucus knows it was the definition of a shit show.  
Next up was the 2nd Tier.  It turns our 20% of the voters at the original caucus were missing valid ballots (shitshow).  That meant 20% of delegates were up for grabs and they flipped to Bernie in the 2nd Tier on April 2nd. It also means Hillary did not legitimately win the 1st tier.  But, whatever.  Win, lose, who cares?
Then came the holy fuck what are you doing 3rd tier.
Now, the Democratic Party knew Hillary was looking at a loss because of what happened in the 2nd tier. So, they changed the rules.  First, the switched the rules around so the delegates would be awarded to the winner of the 1st tier.  Just because.
They knew enough Bernie supporters were savvy and would make motions at the convention to object to this absurd rule change.  In order to stop that from happening, they changed the Nevada Democratic Party rules so all votes on the floor of the convention would be decided only by a voice vote, instead of a vote on paper.  "Ayes" and "Nays."  Because, in the year 2016 why not hold a vote the way Vikings did?  Of course, only one person would decide who won the voice vote - Nevada Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange.  Once she ruled, that was it.  No mas. Done. 
But these changes were considered "temporary rules" and they had to be voted on and passed.  That WAS done by paper ballot.   The vote was to be held first thing when the convention started at 10 am. All good, right?

The vote was held at 9:30 am, not 10, as scheduled.  So, when all the Bernie supporters came rambling in and found a  convention hall full of smirking Hillary supporters, they learned the vote had already taken place. The Bernie supporters that did arrive early still did not all have ballots when the vote was held.  Hillary's supporters did.  That's some Tammany Hall shit.
A motion to have a revote of the "Temporary Rules" was then demanded.  Nevada Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange then held a voice vote (she's really into those) to decide whether the temporary vote would remain.  On video, you can year the "ayes" are much less that the "nays" but she passed it anyway.  Who gives a fuck? It's democracy.
And then the good times kept rolling.  Sixty four delegates were ejected from the convention hall for not having proper credentials.  They say they did.  They were not allowed to prove they were credentialed.  They were just tossed. The VAST MAJORITY of those delegates were Bernie supporters.  Clinton then won by 30 delegates. 
Different motions are made by Bernie supporters but they are ignored. Then Roberta Lange jumps onstage and speeds through a bunch of motions that declare everything that happened today stands, she does the "ayes" and "nays" so fast it's almost like a shitty SNL sketch and then adjourns the meeting by banging her gavel angrily.  It's so fast it would be hilarious if it wasn't so disgusting.  And she runs off the stage. 
Bernie supporters are screaming because they can't believe what just happened. Someone holds a chair over their head.  My Senator, Barbara Boxer, mocked Bernie supporters, by blowing them kisses while surrounded by police. 
Cops then order everyone to leave.
The net change of delegates is 8.  Bernie Sanders should have won 19-16 but now has lost 20-15.
Roberta Lange received threats on social media and her home phone, which she was more than happy to publicize. 
The victory here is so hollow and means so little to a candidate easily in the lead that it is mind boggling they would be so stupid. It will clearly end in Bernie voters not supporting Hillary in the general. But, that's the Democratic Party. They've been as stupid as stupid can be my entire life. Why change now?
In my opinion, chairs should have been thrown.  And lots of them.

May 4, 2016

Third World Nation

I think we've crossed the line.   There are so many reasons why - the massive inequality, the suffering poor, extreme poverty, crumbling infrastructure, rich making their own rules, etc..  But I'm just going to go with this picture.

Bloodied man talks to military dressed guy.

Very, very, third world election pic.

We're there!

May 3, 2016


“I feel sorry for the young people who believe” the lies Sanders is telling them about money accepted from executives and lobbyists tied to the fossil fuel industry. Young people “don’t do their own research.”  - Hillary Clinton, April 2016

Sanders supporters will “shoot every third person on Wall Street if he's elected.” - Bill Clinton, April 2016

“Look, I think it’s exciting to be, in effect, protesting, I remember I did that a long time ago when I was in my twenties, and I totally get the attraction of this.” - Hillary Clinton, April 2016

“If all the young people who claim to be disillusioned now had voted in 2010, we wouldn’t have lost the Congress, and we’d probably have our incomes back." - Bill Clinton, April 2016

“It can’t be just about what we’re going to give to you. It has to be about we’re going to build together."  Hillary Clinton, February 2016

“Most young people aren’t voting,” Chelsea Clinton, April 2016

I bet they are saying nice things behind closed doors.

One thing you'll notice if you pay attention to this election and past elections of members of the DLC, like Hillary, is a complete and total contempt for the working class.  They see blue collar workers as something from the past that should perish.  There is no place for them in the world they envision.

There is a lack of humanity to their world view, one that leaves millions of Americans struggling and suffering.  In this case, it's not that those who make their living from coal will be living high off the hog in the near future, but the callous disregard for them as humans.  Sure, she followed it up with how she'd help them.  I'm sure it will be similar to the way none of the other blue collar workers whose jobs went south of the border were helped.

Close your eyes and picture clean energy companies taking their business to coal country and giving them jobs.  Yeah.  Okay.  That's why her first comment is so ugly.  And truthful.

This opinion of blue collar workers is a holdover from the Goldwater days, when the Democratic Party made a conscious decision to leave these people behind. They openly discussed it and wrote about it.  And this belief is what free trade is built upon. The total and complete disregard of an entire demographic of people in America.

And those people are the fertilizer for some dark forces. They are giving us Trump now, what will they give us after Trump?

Apr 29, 2016

I moved the screenshot over to the right.
Just seemed the correct thing to do.

It's Happening Again

There's too much general stupidity and a amazing lack of understanding of the big picture going on, so until the election is over I'll be jotting stuff here again.  Let's start with this:

“One of the reasons that inequality has probably gone up in our society is that people are being treated closer to the way that they’re supposed to be treated,”
Larry Summers, 
Secretary of Treasury under Bill Clinton

This was said, I believe, in 2008.  That is what those who created the DLC believe in their souls. 

I'm trying to wrap my head around the amount of damage that can be done with 4 or 8 more years of this and it's terrifying. 

Sep 6, 2012

My Phone Was Near Humidity or Rain or Something

That's the summation of why Consumer Priority Service won't be paying my claim for my phone. It's not that much money, to be honest. But it is a scummy, sleazy business practice they have going. I'll sum up what happened as quick as possible. I wanted to try out a Windows phone, so I bought a used HD7 off CowBoom.com for $120. At the time I was offered insurance through a company called Consumer Priority Service. I figured, why not? I bought insurance. Phone worked great. Loved Windows.

Then the phone died a month ago. I took it to a very reputable phone repair shop around the corner. They believed it was the motherboard and said it was not worth the cost to repair. They also told me there was no water damage or surge damage. So, I opened a claim and sent it to Consumer Priority Service. I was told the issue would be resolved within two weeks. Two weeks passed. I emailed. I was told to wait. Then two more weeks passed. I called. Today I received this email:
Based on the information provided to our representative in case # 082-0U7-086-SMW, Consumer Priority Service must unfortunately return your equipment unrepaired. The service center technician has indicated that your product is beyond economical repair (BER) due to water/liquid damage found upon examination. Liquid damage does not necessarily mean that your product has been dropped or immersed in liquid or liquid has been spilled on it. Unfortunately, this type of damage may be caused by something as simple as high moisture content in the air or using your device on a rainy day. The service center has also informed us that a reliable repair is not possible to your equipment due to this damage.

This type of damage is unfortunately not covered under you equipment's warranty.
So, apparently I used my phone when the humidity was high. I can't imagine the failure rate of phones in Florida. And Seattle because of all that rain.

 What I am most surprised about is the lack of ability to conjure up a reasonable lie to avoid paying out the insurance policy. Look, it's only $120. That's not much, so I'm not bent out of shape. But the point is, they are supposed to provide a service and this sounds like a dog ate my homework excuse not to pay out.

 My point: Don't use Consumer Priority Service. Although, I do consider this to be my fault because I usually do a quick Google search to find out if a company is reputable. Had I done so, I would not have chosen to insure with Consumer Priority Service.

Sep 30, 2010

Some Thoughts On Greg Giraldo

Greg Giraldo 1965-2010

As most of you probably know, Greg Giraldo passed away yesterday. He was, far and away, one of the best comedians working today. Every time I saw him perform, whether on television or live, I was always surprised at how smart and incisive his comedy was. The dude knew how to have a take on a subject and then how to crack that thing for every morsel. I would actually go as far as to say he was the smartest comedian working today. He tackled subjects intelligently, which is hard to do. You'll often see comics take on subjects that require intelligence to master, only for them to end it with a dick joke. Giraldo managed to get to the core of most subjects in hilarious and meaningful way. And he seemed to lose nothing when doing a set on television. That's a very difficult thing to do.

"We have a whole religion based on a woman who reeeally stuck to her story"

I met Greg when I was living in New York and he was one of the kindest comedians I have ever met. And that's an amazing thing to say because the vast majority of us are annoying or angry fucks, stumbling through life causing problems or bothering everyone with our self obsessed nonsense. Greg seemed to have none of that when you spoke to him. He was just a nice guy. He would just slide into a table with you while waiting to do a set and hang out. When I knew him, he lacked the sweaty desperation that clings to most of us like skin. He was quite aware of what he was, why he was getting the attention he was at that time and still focused on being the best stand up he could be. I've since read he considered himself to be a bit lazy but you'd never know it by the volume of fantastic material he churned out.

I'm not sure why Greg's death has knocked me down the way it has. Could be because it makes me look at my own failures. Could be because seeing a guy who was doing stand up so right and working so hard pass away so young is completely fucked up. Could just be because he was one of the nicest stand up comedians I've met. I am a man obsessed with justice and things being right. This is just so wrong I can't wrap my head around it.

The more I think about how great he was and how much more he would have contributed to the world of stand up, the more my mind goes back to sitting with him at a table in the restaurant above The Comedy Cellar. I was a regular there for a couple of years, as was Greg, so we often found ourselves together waiting to hit the stage. I think the reason I drift back to those moments when I'm thinking about his great stand up ability is because, above all, he was just a great person. And that's rare in the comedy world. He was really a rare comedian both on and off stage.

Everyone should have known his work when he was alive and they should certainly know it now that he is gone. Go seek out his work and check it out. He was mostly known for his attacks on the Comedy Central Roasts but he was so much more. We've lost something special.

Aug 17, 2010


I've discovered I'm over politics. I'm not sure what happened. I just don't give a fuck anymore. A large part of it was due to watching the Democrats as they completely ignored the majority of Americans in favor of crafting a bill for corporations. I guess that was to be expected but when combined with the other blatant and horrible legislation rolling out of Washington, it's just a bit too much for me.

Then toss in the blind followers of Obama who will dig up any excuse/talking point to defend against legitimate criticism and I'm done. It's like no one has ever seen politics before. Guess what? You have to fight for shit and you have to fight hard. That's how it works. But at the end of the day, it's not that they don't want to fight hard, it's that they have no problem screwing the common man to make Goldman Sachs a couple more bucks. We want them to fight. They don't give a shit.

And, I know, I know, government has always been corrupt, blah blah blah. But it has never been this bad. Never. The fucking the working man over in favor of Wall Street is blatant and stunning. They used to try to hide this shit. No more. Now they do it and toss you a bone and expect you to like it. If you don't, well, you "just don't get the reality of the situation."

No, I do get the reality of the situation. Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress were handed a country in ruins. They were given the same opportunity domestically that Bush was given foreign policy wise after 9/11. The possibility to get something true and meaningful done. The possibility to really turn the ship. But they did no such thing, just as Bush after 9/11. The passed legislation list is long and appears great in their "win" column but in truth, it is mostly hollow and simply not what was needed. Something greater was needed. Something more bold.

I've never really been this disillusioned about the country. I really think we are completely fucked. And not like I did under Bush. To me, this is much worse because there will always be leaders who come along and totally blow it. They have been a part of history. But it's the guys who come after them who are supposed to fix things, change direction and alter the path of ruin. The Democrats have done no such thing. And now the Republicans have gone completely insane.  This will end in ruins.

The Republican march to madness has allowed the Democrats to shift even further to the right, to a place where corporations are all that matters. It's a fucking disaster. There is no one looking out for the little guy anymore and that will not be changing anytime soon. This was the chance but the guy who took the reigns wasn't all that much better than the previous guy. At this point it is just a plunder of America.

Am I comparing Obama to Bush? No. They are two different leaders with two different overlords. But they both seem to me to be bad presidents. And the Democratic Congress is a pool of filth.

So, I'm pretty much done writing about politics. I won't vote for a Republican or Democrat for the rest of my life. I'm done.

Not sure where to go from here as far as the blog goes. I'll let you know.

Aug 6, 2010

Um. No.

Wow. Even for him. Wow.

Aug 5, 2010