Jun 7, 2016

My Votes - California

Here is who I have selected to vote for, as some have asked.

Supervisor 5th District - Billy Malone

US Senate - Steve Stokes (Bernie endorsed)

State Assembly - Kassakhian (Bernie endorsed)

US Rep - No difference.

State Senate - Anyone but Antonovich, who is a fucking monster.

11 - Kim
42 - Zuzga
60 - Baghdassarian
84 - Yun
120 - Ibisi
158 - Mesropi
165 - Warren

President - Sanders.  Send her to the convention bloody and beaten.

1 comment:

Todd Mason said...

I can't say I'm happy we're stuck with her, but Trump does seem ready to self-destruct even without assistance from those who ginned him up and now might be ready to actually deal with him (not holding my breath that they'll do a good job, but even a half-assed one will tend to suffice). I've been a likely Green voter, which will likely mean Jill Stein again, all along. Sanders has usually had a bad relation with Greens, despite the entreaties by the GP for him to consider coming to their ticket...which probably won't tempt him, as someone who might be able to throw a little more weight around in the Senate now, assuming the neoliberals don't succeed in icing him out.