Jun 6, 2016

The Strange Timing of The Oligarchy

So, tonight Hillary was crowned the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. Was an interesting choice to name her on the even of 6 states voting, including the largest in the country. Some would say a very odd choice. Hillary has 571 delegate votes before she is the nominee and super delegates don't vote until July. It was constructed that way for a reason - to stop someone like Bernie late. Not now. Later. So, why not just wait until tomorrow and let the democratic process take place?

Well, there are some things going on here. Polls have shown Bernie gaining on Hillary here in California for weeks. Most recent one had him ahead by a point. This is a pattern that can be found in most states where he has won. And for the Democratic Party, there could be nothing worse right now than to have Clinton take a beating before she clinches. She's already the second most disliked candidate since the likability polls began. (1982?) The most disliked is Trump. And she was being challenged by a 75 year old Jewish Socialist. That's insane. Can't really get more embarrassing than that for the establishment candidate. Not at all.

But there was something much bigger happening and it started to become obvious not just because of Sanders, but because what was being said online. It suddenly dawned on the party what was going on. Bernie wasn't trying to win the election. His followers, it turns out, weren't deluded and didn't think he was going to win. No, they were in it to beat her in the last states, to embarrass the anointed one before her coronation. This stopped being about winning the election a while ago and had turned into a movement for the future.

Left of liberal candidates started coming out for the 2018 election to take Congress a while ago. Today, there was a meeting of higher ups of Sanders supporters; the organizers, the ones who move things. They got together to discuss after the election. To talk about how to take the country back. And the election is not even over. Because it is a movement. To stop the corruption.

And then the AP calls the election and a lot of other media jump on board. The day before California votes. Transparently obvious. Now Hillary can't take a beating before the coronation. Because they have an excuse: "Her people didn't come out because she had won." Good luck with that one.

California will still sting. But more than that. This is the kind of shit that will be remembered, that will galvanize a movement. Anger does not go away until you appease it somehow. All they have done here is make people more angry. These are the classic type of errors that are looked back on with regret. Enjoy your time, Democrats. It's going to be short.

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