Jun 21, 2010

People Who Like To Be Raped

It's not often you run across a group of people who desperately want to be abused, shit on, slapped around and have their eyes gouged out. Sadly, we have a large group of people who love all those things and more. They are known as Tea Partiers, or Tea Baggers.

Currently, the Tea Baggers are mad at Obama for being mean to BP. Yes, the same BP who has destroyed a large portion of the American Gulf coastline. Those guys. Apparently, we should leave BP alone.

While Democrats denounce BP for the spill, a Republican congressman from Texas accuses the White House of performing a $20 billion "shakedown" by pushing the company to create a compensation fund for spill victims. Rep. Joe Barton also apologizes to BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward at a Capitol hearing, although he is later pressured by GOP leaders to apologize for his apology.

Yes. It's a "shakedown." They are innocent victims of the horrible, horrible, responsible government.

Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul of Kentucky said Friday that he was disturbed by Obama's promise to find out "whose ass to kick."

"I'll move past the obvious problem with the appropriateness of the comment to just say this: Look in the mirror Mr. President," Paul said in a statement. "This crisis has been a case study in failure to lead, failure to act, and using a crisis to advance your own agenda rather than solve the problem."

Unless, of course, the problem is small government and a lack of regulation, you son of a retard.

Erin Ryan, a tea party activist in Redding, Calif., said Barton was correct to use the word "shakedown."

"Wow," Ryan said. "Somebody finally said it out loud?"

Yes, but people say shit out loud all the time and it doesn't actually mean anything. For instance, I think your an imbecile and that doesn't mean...well, bad example. You're so stupid it's shocking.

Conservative talk show host Mark Williams, chairman of the California-based Tea Party Express, said the White House went too far by pressuring BP to create the fund while the Justice Department is conducting criminal and civil probes of the spill.

"I'm accustomed to mobsters behaving that way, I'm just not accustomed to it from the president, especially when he's standing there with the attorney general threatening legal action," Williams said. "Where I come from, they call it extortion."

How fucking stupid and sad can a group of human beings get? This is mindboggling. They are upset our government is doing its job and forcing a company (which agreed) to pay for the horrible, horrible disaster that is their fault.

They are upset the government is taking care of its people - because the government is being mean to A CORPORATION. How fucking backwards does your life have to be for you to become upset by the treatment of an oil company? Are oil companies not doing well? Are they having a hard time with all the government tax breaks and hundreds of billions of dollars? Were our invasions of two countries to get a hold on the world's oil supply not good enough? At what point do you think they've had a big enough break? Can they come into your home and rape you? Because they just destroyed the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of Americans, killed millions of sea creatures and left a large swath of water unusable to both man and fish. And you jackasses are upset we are being mean to them. If a nuclear bomb went off in Kansas, I'm sure you clowns would find a way to take it out to lunch.

So, just to sum up:

Government demanding a company pay for damages due to spill: Bad
Government collecting taxes to make roads, schools and libraries: Bad.
Government ensuring all citizens have healthcare: Bad.
Spending millions to bomb, invade and kill Muslims: Good.
All corporations: Good.

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Yeah. We are pretty fucked.