Jun 22, 2010

Amazing Tea Party Asshole Part 32

Meet David Jungerman. He's a Missouri farmer who put up a sign along the highway about the horrible, horrible Democrats.

Accusing Democrats of being the “Party of Parasites."

Word. Parasites. Takers of other's money, feasting on this great nation like maggots on a corpse.

The Raytown farmer who posted a sign on a semi-truck trailer accusing Democrats of being the “Party of Parasites” received more than $1 million in federal crop subsidies since 1995.

But David Jungerman says the payouts don’t contradict the sign he put up in a corn field in Bates County along U.S. 71 Highway.

Oh, fuck no. How could anyone see that as contradictory?

Jungerman said he put up the sign to protest people who pay no taxes, but, “Always have their hand out for whatever the government will give them” in social programs.

Crop subsidies are different, he said. When crop prices dip below a certain point, the federal government makes up the difference with a subsidy payment.

Obviously, that is completely different than people who always have a hand out.

According to a farm subsidy data base, Jungerman received $1,095,101 in the past 15 years, including $224,763 in 2000. Last year, he received $34,303.

Yep. You are one of those givers.

Let us know when you realize you are retarded.


Liz M said...

We may not be using subsidies in the way they were intended - to provide food price stability for all of us. The farmer guy is not entirely wrong on this. Though we need to revise and clean up the programs because we have multinationals taking huge advantage... Farm subsidies shouldn't be viewed as a 'handout' for doing nothing... weather can take out an entire season's wheat crop - this is catastrophic for people far away from the farmer...Their work is critical to your survival...and mostly that does not go both ways.

I really would like to see urban and rural people work to understand each other much much better. After moving from Brooklyn to a tiny ag town...It's clear to me how much people just don't get it or each other.

Rules made by clueless people three thousand miles away - really piss people off and for very good reasons.

We need to stop talking at each other and start talking with each other...

Liz M said...

...and to be clear I a ma big fat liberal.

John said...


I appreciate that he could lose the entire value of his crop, but it's a profession he chooses to be in ultimately. I would suspect he is deeply opposed to "too big to fail" but that's essentially what he has here. If his business model is not set up in such a way to be prepared for these losses, then that is unfortunate. But it's the equivalent of a bank being under capitalized for the amount of risk they are undertaking.

At this point farm subsidies are merely an expensive giveaway, not a market stabilizer.

libhom said...

Liz: I support some kind of farm subsidies, but that farmer in particular is the worst kind of hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

I own a farm and I approve this message.

Lee said...

What's the difference between a farmer and a puppy? If you give the puppy everything he wants, he eventually stops whining.