Apr 28, 2010

How To Do Government

Ukraine knows what the fuck is up. The country was debating whether to ratify an agreement to extend the lease on a Russian naval base on the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine by 25 years.

Lawmakers pelted the podium with eggs and catcalls before stalking across the aisle, putting their colleagues in headlocks and engaging in other tactics not exactly covered by Robert’s Rules of Order. Smoke bombs were set off in the chamber. Glue was poured into voting machines. The legislative leader directed the session behind umbrellas held by his aides, to protect him from projectiles.

Ukraine the shit out of it!

As it should be.


Jezcabelle said...

Guilty desires for our congress to behave in this fashion...

Anonymous said...

That's even worse than forcing the opposing party to discuss an issue by threatening to keep them in the workplace overnight if they don't; but whatever works, right?