Mar 11, 2010

Not Going Well

Things continue to turn to shit for America's loud idiot hole.

On March 9th, TurboTax advertisements began running on Glenn Beck’s show on the Fox News Channel. Participants in the StopBeck effort promptly sprang to action. Less than 24 hours later, TurboTax announced that they would be pulling their advertisements from Glenn Beck’s show.

That was one hell of a day, though.

This brings the total number of advertisers to drop Glenn Beck to 120.

Holy fuck. Who is left? The Pro-Rape council?

On a related note, the broadcast of Glenn Beck’s show in the U.K. has been running without any advertisers for over a month now.

Sound economic decision, Fox. Clearly you are a well run business.

Dude is so close to screaming from atop a milk crate.

1 comment:

Jason said...

I don't think Alies gives a fuck about Beck advertising revenue. If Becks scares enough people into voting Republican, its a long term gain.

I don't think its going to work though. I mean, those old white people are dying off pretty well.