Mar 12, 2010

Dude Wins Best Politician Award

We have a winner. No one can top this gentleman from Utah. Majority House leader Kevin Garn!

The Majority Leader of the Utah House took a nude hot-tub with a 15-year old employee, then paid her $150,000 and had her pledge to keep quiet, he admitted yesterday.

Oh, hell yeah.

Maher detailed the incident in an interview with the paper. She said that in 1985, age 15, she was employed by Garn, then 30, at his business, Pegasus Records and KSG Enterprises

Uh huh.

Garn, she said, "struck up a relationship" with her, as the paper puts it.

Yeah. Go slow. Don't rush this shit.


One night, he took her to a location in Salt Lake City -- it's unclear where -- where they both got in the hot-tub nude.

Oh, shit. Uh huh...

"I can unequivocally tell you there was no physical contact, there was no touching, there was no intercourse, there was none of those things. It simply did not occur. I'm not trying to downplay what did occur but I want to make it very plain."



Cock tease.

Worst story ever.


jason said...

you don't buy that do you?

Dave Anthony said...


Eric said...

He did. For 150k.
Really tho, she blabbed. He should get a refund.

Inferno Silver said...

say what you will about his old work, Roman Polanski's just getting lazy nowadays...