Feb 1, 2010

You Should Probably Shoot Yourself in the Face

I mean, seriously. What in the fuck is wrong with you people?
A new Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll, conducted among 2,000 self-identified Republican respondents nationwide, gives an interesting peek into the psyche of the minority party's base.

Kos has not yet released the full numbers, but here's some early info on the poll that he has posted on his Twitter account:
Ready? This is amazing.
• 39% of Republicans want President Obama to be impeached.

Right. George W. Bush committed so many crimes it is shocking. Yet, Republicans wanted to give him a daily handjob. The man absolutely annihilated The Constitution, but he got a pass. Oh, and being black is not one of the reasons you can impeach a president.
• 63% think Obama is a socialist.

Maybe take a political science class at the local community college. They also have night classes for special students at local high schools. You should look one of those up because you are completely fucking retarded if you think a man who is right of center is a socialist. You have no fucking idea what a socialist is, you walking embarrassment. Try picking up a book that doesn't have "Bible" written on the front.
• Only 42% believe Obama was born in the United States.

So, there are levels to their stupidity. 21% drop from thinking he's a socialist. Think about that. 21% of Republicans are actually smarter than these complete fucking morons, yet they are dumb as shit. It's really remarkable.

• 21% think ACORN stole the 2008 election -- that is, that Obama didn't actually win it, and isn't legitimately the president, with 55% saying they are "not sure."

Go ahead and eat a pound of Clorox.
• 31% want contraception to be outlawed.

Okay. We'll go for that if smashing your head in with a bat can also be legalized.


Anonymous said...

Those numbers sounds about right in comparison to how many fucking retards I encounter on a daily basis, particularly in a poli sci class I took...

pagnaet said...

Look on the bright side: thanks to SCOTUS, Fox can dump unlimited funds into Palin's campaign, as only she can save us from the tyranny of Obama.

Thomas said...

Assuming TPM got the wording right, it's actually only a 5% drop from the dumb Republicans to the really dumb Republicans (42% believe he WAS born in the US).

If they honestly believe that, then the call for impeachment does make sense. Then again, that would also make them completely fucking removed from reality.

libhom said...

Contraception should be mandatory for these people.