Jan 29, 2010

Obama Kicks The Shit Out Of The GOP

In case you missed it, the GOP invited Obama to speak at their retreat today. He accepted. And he upped their offer. Obama asked the GOP to allow the question and answer time to the televised. They said yes. Ooooops.

He seriously handed them their ass.

That's just a taste. Link. How about some more?

Yummy. Link.

The full video is here.


Astolphe said...

Now this is the kind of thing that actually pisses me off about Obama. Where the hell is this version of him most of the time? Especially on health care? I went in for a possible ulcer last week and it turns out that my shitty insurance company won't pay for my prescriptions until I pay my yearly deductible. No, not a deductible for prescriptions, but my fucking $2,500 yearly medical deductible. Needless to say I couldn't cough up the $100 prescription (yes, it was the generic). Can you tell I'm bitter? Yeah, I thought so. Fucking Obama.

Dave Anthony said...

I agree with you 100%. His words don't turn into action.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what speech the author of this stupid blog was watching but what I saw was the president getting laughed at as he back peddled on the healthcare mistakes. He looked like a bumbling idiot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=722oWqDzQJg&feature=player_embedded

Astolphe, hate to break it to you but 1) You see insurance companies are not charities, you pay them to cover you. 2)Sorry if we dont boo hoo you over the insurance YOU signed up for. If I used Geico insurance, I wouldn't cry when they want to use Chinese body parts on my car.

Can either of you mental midgets tell me what part of the current healthcare proposal would lower those prescription costs?? Didn't think so.

Eric said...

...well, at least he used his real name.

Dave Anthony said...

Dear idiot,

I'm not for the current health care plan. This had very little to do with health care.

You'd know that if you watched.

But, you're an idiot, so I excuse you.

Astolphe said...

Now now, Eric, you shouldn't make fun of Mr. Anonymous, after all, I didn't use my real name, just an internet alias. My name is James G Young. There, NOW you can make fun of him.

And I'm so glad you pointed out that insurance companies are not charities, I never would have known that if you hand't mentioned it. For some bizarre reason I was assuming that the premiums I pay would afford me some coverage. Gee, how stupid am I, huh? Oh, my insurance isn't through Geico, it's with Aetna healthcare. I should know better than to think some fly-buy-night company like that would be any good.

You are right about one thing, Mr Anonymous, I can't name anyting in the current healthcare proposal that would lover prescription costs, mainly because the current healthcare proposal is nothing but a steaming pile of shit because the Democrats are spineless fucks, the Republicans are greedy fucks and half of each side are owned by the insurance companies.

Dave, I don't know how you respond to these fucktards, As far as I'm concerned, it's just easier to call them all brain-dead pig fuckers and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Oh my apologies, I guess I was confused.

I thought someone said "Now this is the kind of thing that actually pisses me off about Obama. Where the hell is this version of him most of the time? Especially on health care?"

My comments were aimed at that piece of shit scum bag dumber than a Forest Gump pube. That person who thinks that Obama should be more forceful in inflicting his health care plan on the people should be shot in the groin with a 12 gage. Thats the stupid cock sucker I was directing it at. Sorry for the confusion!

Dave Anthony(BTW, the prison bitch name generator says your real name is Deep Throat)I forgot you were functionally illiterate. You see this retarded blog was written about how Obapa kicks the shit out of the GOP. The entire lame ass speech was directed at them shooting down his health care agenda. Also Fucktard #1 started the comments bitching about health care. I wont be harder on you because I understand your learning problems especially as they relate to reading skills xoxo Muah

Eric said...

Ready. Fire. Aim.
It's really ironic how the guys who always use firearms referances in their arguments, don't actually take the time to aim those arguments. I suspect they are also missing toes or fingers in the real world as well.

pagnaet said...

Word to the wise: Don't feed the trolls.

Dave Anthony said...

You are clearly very stupid, so it's best to ignore you.

elaine said...

Anonymous (real creative there; why can't people just make up a name?) -
Aetna tried to convince me that anesthesia was "medically unnecessary" when I had a c-section. A few years later my next insurance company (I believe it was Prudential) refused to pay for the second c-section because they thought that a 5'0" / barely over 100 pound woman is the perfect candidate for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), especially when the baby is average-sized and breach. Obviously their paper-pushers know way more than my ob/gyn. Even the top insurance companies are ridiculously corrupt and make their profits off of screwing over people.

The current healthcare proposal doesn't do squat. That's why many people want Obama to grow a pair and insist on real reform.

Anonymous said...

Dave, buddy, this is no place to relive your childhood trauma. The things your mother told you should be bottled up and suppressed not aired in a public forum.

I know you have no answer to truth and superior intelligence. Ignore is your best defense. I'd hate to see you have to resort to "I know you are but what am I?" So I will leave you alone sweetie. Peace and love :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Elaine, I agree with you 101% in the fact that our health and insurace industries need a lot of work. I coud tell you plenty of medical horror stories from my family. Double billing, not paying, retracting payment, out of control prescription costs.

The problem is that the Democrat's(Obama's) health care plan addresses none of it. There is zero in it to address the health care problems of everyday Americans. It simply forces you to buy insurance, pay fines or go to jail and places even more costs on the health industry. Balls have nothing to do with it Obama has plenty of balls. The problem is he has more balls than brains. This is HIS health plan and it sucks. Balls don't fix stupid. If "balls" means attempting to sidestep constitutional checks and balances, you need a reality check.

I feel we need health reform, go back to square one and make health care affordable. A week in the hospital shouldn't financially ruin someone without insurace. Prescriptions that cost 50 cents to manufacture shouldn't cost 50 dollars.

BTW, it's just easier to post as anonymous than to sign in to screw with small minded idiots for a couple of minutes

elaine said...

Anonymous - under "choose an identity," just click onto the "Name/URL" and type in anything you want. You don't have to have any special kind of account to do it, and you can just leave the URL blank.