Feb 4, 2010

A Fresh Pile of Republican Stupid

This is just astounding.

A new Rasmussen poll supplies a very interesting data point in the ongoing debate about the budget deficit: As it turns out, Republican voters would prefer having a deficit if it meant they can get more tax cuts, instead of raising taxes in order to balance the budget.

The national poll of likely voters asked: "Would you rather see a balanced budget with higher taxes or a budget deficit with tax cuts?" A 41% plurality would rather have budget deficit with tax cuts, with 36% calling for higher taxes and a balanced budget. The internals of the poll show Republicans favoring deficits and tax cuts.

Hey, I'd rather not pay for shit. Is that cool? Will that work on a personal level? I mean, can I just buy shit and not pay for it? I'd like to do that. I'm a selfish asshole who has the mentality of a 5-year-old. Gimme my stuff for free!!!!

These are the same people who complained about the D.C. subway system being slow when they went there to protest.

Fuck me. We are screwed.


Pedro said...

While that is somewhat disturbing, I have to say the lefty agenda of more deficit AND raising taxes is far, far more disturbing!

You should remove your head from your ass and consider whats right, not what your leftist saviors tell you to believe!

André said...

Dear Dave, i'm not trying to influence the way you conduct your blog, it is your blog after all.
Still, i must point out that as of late, it has been sailing further and further into the foggy seas of political analysis (or, in simpler terms, fanboyism).
To tell you the truth, i myself can apreciate a political debate/newscard every so often, but only as long as it's an imparcial one. Otherwise, i might start to ask myself "why am i reading this?". I dunno, i guess i like to form my own views on subjects. I´m just wierd that way.
Not only that, but my contradiction alarm sometimes might lead me to the impression that it's just criticism for the sake of criticism. Afterall, everyone has to have their say in things. If that´s the way american society is taking as far as dealing with internal and structural problems goes, i must point out that a sad sad fate awaits you as a People. "i´m so messed up right now 'bout ma ain shite, i cant deal wi ur whinin the now, so cut the yappin ya cunt. oh, by the way, i jist broke up wi ma o'lady, i don know what ta do mate.."
God, sometimes i miss the asshole fuckface roundup and a tear rolls down my cheek.
Sure, politics are a loathsome breed..sometimes i just want shoot my ministers in the face, but if that feeling is fundamented by partial political views and rethoric, it just gets boring as fuck.
you dont give fat people a milkshake, you give them some prime cuts of beef, preferably some nice bovine forehead, or toes, so they have work for assimilation.

just my 2 cents

Dave Anthony said...

Pedro, you might want to learn a bit about what has happened in this country. Bush left us with no option but to spend, based on their being no adjustments that could be made to interest rates and a dollar not worth shit.

So, you have to spend. That being said, over the past 30 years, Republicans have been about spending and not paying for it. Clinton is the only guy to real it in. So, your theory sort of takes a hit there.


Sure. I guess. Have you not noticed my recent attacks on both Democrats and Republicans. Republicans are basically clowns right now is why they get a bit more of it. They are so completely detached from reality it is insane. Democrats have filled the void Republicans left when they became insane by becoming corporate whores. Doesn't leave us with a big area to work in.

That being said, I am going to start doing less political stuff and more weird crime stuff, etc. I made that decision a couple of weeks ago.

Eric said...

I have personally enjoyed your shots at both parties. There's too much Left vs Right bullshit going on. Rejecting everything Left because they are 'Marxists' or everything on the Right because thet are 'facists'. When in fact with the blinders of those arguments on you miss the big picture. It's like arguing Coke vs Pepsi really. I appreciate the fact that you highlight the awful shit each party does. Unfortunatly I think certain readers see the 'Lefty' monkier in your blurb and assume it's just more rhetoric drivel. I've been reading along since you pointed this out blog out on SG, and while I don't agree with everything I to value your input... Could we have a Fuck Face Round Up for ole times sake?

Pedro said...

I love these commies, still blaming Bush. I'm just curious as to how long they can keep it up.

Freaking liberals are too pathetic and gutless to admit they caused it. It was liberals who said we need to contol the banks and make them lend to any swinging dick in the name of "urban development" It was liberals who fought against tightening standards because it would be racist and instead of owning up to the fact they caused this bust, they blame Bush.

You stupid hard core commies can blame Bush forever. The libs have had TOTAL control of the white house and congress for a year and right now the economy, the deficit, unemployment and the dollar are twice as bad as when Bush left office.

A REPUBLICAN JUST WON TED KENNEDY'S SEAT, I REPEAT, A REPUBLICAN JUST WON TED KENNEDY'S SEAT, BY ALMOST 10 FUCKING POINTS NO LESS... If you need clarification, thats in the people's republic of Massachusetts. Anyone still blaming Bush is a member of the Obama team or the truly stupid among the stupid.

That being said, I am going to start doing less political stuff and more weird crime stuff, etc. I made that decision a couple of weeks ago. = Oh shit our political heyday didn't last very fucking long, fuck me. Liberals are really looking like scumbag motherfuckers, I better dum it down a bit I'm getting my ass handed to me!!

Dave Anthony said...

Fair enough. I'll start doing some more Round Ups.

André said...

well, there's wierd crime in politics too. (and social analysis just popped into mind).
it's just that instead of just putting a spotlight on some dubious matter, it ends up like 2 meatheads fighting over who's football team is the best.
and yes, republicans are filth. wanted by justice, they mercenaries hired to go apeshit on your elders wellfare.
we don't have their kind where i'm from, but i supose the average republican fan is like a religious extremist: a monkey who memorized a tape to perfection and says nothing but, deaf to other's opinions, preachy and al'round douchebag.
But then the funny thing happens! Liberals get their wet dream come true. And he's made of chocolate!!
Instantly, all the world's problems are solved. Or at leash they should..NASH, BITCH! GET TO IT!!
You, or everyone in the wolrd for that matter, gave the brother 6 months!! The dude hadn't even finished moving the furniture!!
It's not like just electing a brother for the first time to prove love still exists and all will be peachy!
The republicans start putting on the pressure, and 6 months later, even Liberals are against poor Barry.
Case and point? The Nobel.
Fucking glutony, that's what it is.

pagnaet said...

I have to disagree with Andre: the conservatives in this country are hypocritical fascists. Further, I doubt most of them know the difference between a commie and socialist, much less a fascist. But they are A-OK with commies keeping the Wal-Mart's stocked. America is fucking doomed.

Anyway, chalk up another vote for Asshole Fuckface Roundups.

Dave Anthony said...


I think you are seriously underestimating what is occurring here. The Republicans are not just conservatives with a religious bent. They define fascism. There is some very, very fucked up shit going on.

André said...

well, yeah, im half way across the wold from you guys, i read a bit here, another there, and your government works difrentlly from mine in many ways, so some bits i dont completely understand.
as for fascism...that's where we'll all end up sooner rather than later..
i do belive the american people is smart enough to dismiss Republicans as senile racist farts, godfearing for they are old and know death is just around the corner.
however, the number of americans who buy into that republican bullshit has always shocked me.
it started with tuperware meattings, and it grew to a media society where people are told what to do, think or be by the television, therefore creating morons. then, when morons as in sufficient number, society becomes easy to control

John said...


1) Why exactly do you read this blog? Dave makes no aspersions about his political leanings.

2) Don't you have a rally to attend where you can blame everything on 'Liberals' while your own leadership sold you down the river?

3) I don't give a fuck about Scott Brown. Martha Coakley ran a shitty campaign and took the seat for granted. Scott Brown started spouting off a bunch of populist shit and people got behind him.

4) The Republican strategy continues to be "cut taxes, ignore spending, claim the free market will fix everything, take the money and run". So when the Republicans have a meaningful strategy for fixing problems, let me know. But this free market panacea is bullshit and I'm tired of it.


I like your political stuff. So don't scrap it all. But I agree, the round up is what first made me start reading you on SG. I'd love to see them back.

Anonymous said...

Dave, is there any reason you have no contact details listed? I mean, doesn't everyone love getting email? Seriously, sometimes I see a funny article (or something) that I'd like to send your way.

libhom said...

If the rich paid even close to their fair share in taxes, deficits would go down dramatically. Ending the Iraq War would help big time too.