Jan 21, 2010

Stick a Fork in This Country

We're done. Seriously. This is the big bad.
In a ruling that has major implications for how elections are funded, the Supreme Court has struck down a key campaign-finance restriction that bars corporations and unions from pouring money into political ads.

The long-awaited 5-4 ruling, in the Citizens United v. FEC case, presents advocates of regulation with a major challenge in limiting the flow of corporate money into campaigns, and potentially opens the door for unrestricted amounts of corporate money to flow into American politics.

You thought politicians were owned by corporations before? Hold on to your asshole, this bitch is about to become a complete corporate playground. And you are the tanbark.

And I should ad, this is the ultimate example of "activist judges."


pagnaet said...


Astolphe said...

I second that fuck and raise you a holy shit.

patri said...

"Brawndo - It's What Plants Crave"

Inferno Silver said...

well, the whole "democracy" thing was neat while it lasted (i forget when that was exactly, but it seemed like a decent enough idea, if only in theory)