Jan 20, 2010


The Democrats answer to losing one seat in the Senate, which gives them a caucus majority of 59-41. 58 if you toss out Lieberman. That's the biggest advantage in 30 years.

Their answer?

We can't do anything now.

· It is mathematically impossible for Democrats to pass legislation on our own. Senate Republicans to come to the table with ideas for improving our nation and not obstructionist tactics.

· Saying "no" might be a good political strategy but it does nothing to create jobs or help improve the lives of struggling Americans.

Jesus. There are so many things that can be done. The nuclear option is one. Forcing all Republican Senators to be on the floor during a filibuster is another. On and on. Many, many majority parties have faced this problem and figured out ways to get legislation passed. This is part of Democracy. You figure out a way to twist and manipulate the system and you get shit done.

Filibusters, finally, used to be costly forms of obstruction. But Senate customs since the 1970s or so have made them easy for the obstructionists — and equally easy, as well as hidden, are things like “individual holds” to prevent votes even when the overwhelming majority is in favor. The Senate is not built for modern governance — though it is perfectly suited to modern media campaigns to obstruct and destroy public action.

Democrats in the Senate, with White House backing, could be changing customs to make holds visible and filibusters costly (for example, if senators using holds were identified and holds were made temporary, and if filibusterers had to maintain 40 or more senators present on the floor at all times). But the Democratic Senate leaders don’t take these steps, because secretly many Democratic senators are prima donnas who love the personal clout these practices give them. The best time to have acted was back at the start, when President Obama was more popular. Now it will be harder.

– Democrats, in the end, are setting America and their party up to fail, by not figuring out how to move things with huge majorities short of 60 in the Senate. Why vote for them, people will say, if they cannot do anything anyway? Or worse, if they engage in unseemly bargains to buy individual Senators’ votes with measures against the public interest.

It's fucking amazing that these idiots don't understand that the American people voted them in to take drastic action to change things and get the ship back on the right track.

We just want shit to get done. We really don't care how it gets done, you fucking spineless idiots.


Anonymous said...

Democrats: Nut Up!

Laurin Stennis said...

a fucking men.

wait - that didn't come out right.

anyway, i'm speechless over here, so today i just let you take the wheel. http://stennisink.blogspot.com/2010/01/guest-column.html

Dave Anthony said...

Gracias. Like your blog!