Dec 11, 2009

Why The Health Care Bill Is Awful

Robert Reich explains the failure.

But we still end up with a system that's based on private insurers that have no incentive whatsoever to control their costs or the costs of pharmaceutical companies and medical providers. If you think the federal employee benefit plan is an answer to this, think again. Its premiums increased nearly 9 percent this year. And if you think an expanded Medicare is the answer, you're smoking medical marijuana. The Senate bill allows an independent commission to hold back Medicare costs only if Medicare spending is rising faster than total health spending. So if health spending is soaring because private insurers have no incentive to control it, we're all out of luck. Medicare explodes as well.

A system based on private insurers won't control costs because private insurers barely compete against each other..... In light of all this, you'd think the insurance industry would be subject to the antitrust laws.... But no. Remarkably, the Senate bill still keeps Big Insurance safe from competition by preserving its privileged exemption from the antitrust laws.

It's amazing that they actually believe they will get away with this shit. The Democratic base will be ruined. No one will vote except conservatives in the next election. It will be a massacre.

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Anonymous said...

I can't say I really understood any of that but it still bummed me the fuck out. What are we going to do? Dude, my wife told me a story about some nursing home near us. Some blue rinse old dear was murdered - plastic bag over the head. Turns out it was ANOTHER rinser that was jealous of the old dear for being too popular. If this shit goes down for people that can fucking afford private old age care, what the fuck is going to happen to me when I get to that age without two pennies to rub etc. Nice way to start the weekend, cheers mate ;)