Dec 26, 2009

I'd Do The Same

If my face were this blurry, I'd try to blow up a plane, too. That's no way to go through life.


Bob said...

I hope they have to amputate the leg he burned the shit out of, and then he should be horsewhipped while they wheel him into the courtroom for trying to fuck with Detroit International. I'm glad the people on the flight had the stones to kick his fucking ass. The TSA should be dissolved and remade.

Dave Anthony said...

The TSA is ridiculous

Bob said...

Aye, as someone who worked in national security for 3 years, and seeing how the TSA treated our equipment they'd send back to us for "repairs", I've come to the conclusion that Nigerian men with fuel strapped to their legs should be the last straw for complete reform within our airport security.

We miss your video blogs on Youtube Dave.