Dec 1, 2009

Exciting Salmonella News!

Salmonella is now resistant to antibiotics and can be passed from person to person!

While most salmonella bacteria cause diarrhea and are rarely fatal, this one causes death in one of four cases among children and vulnerable adults in some African regions, the researchers said. Many of its victims have been weakened by the AIDS virus, anemia malaria or malnutrition.

Salmonella normally circulates in animals and reaches humans via food poisoning.

But after sequencing the bacterial DNA found in about 50 Africans with severe infections, the researchers said the ST313 strain appeared to be mutating to circulate in humans independently of animals, as, for example, drug-resistant staph infections now do.

Good luck to our new friend.


André said...

it's allways sick, but never seems to die

libhom said...

We helped it out a lot by feeding ranch animals so much of antibiotics when they weren't sick. We love helping our little critter friends.