Nov 5, 2009

GOP Bringing 5% Into the Fold

Republicans finally unveiled their awesome health care plan. Democrats are going to have a hard time fighting off this clearly superior plan.

An analysis by the Congressional Budget Office has found that the Republicans' proposed healthcare overhaul would cover just 3 million Americans by 2019, and leave 52 million Americans uninsured -- effectively covering just 5 percent of those who would otherwise be uninsured.

Pow! Suck it Democrats. And to those 52 million uninsured - get a fucking job.

That means 95 percent of those who are uninsured will still be without coverage in 2019.

Hellz yeah!

What’s more, the number of non-elderly Americans lacking insurance would likely remain unchanged from today – with 17 percent of Americans having no health insurance.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It covers less and is more expensive than the Democrats fake reform. Wow! Just like the choices I have t open enrollment. Two crappy plans that get more expensive every year.