Oct 26, 2009

Why So Predictable?

The GOP is an amusing bucket of lies and stupidity. They love to scream and yell about how bad the government is, then use all the government services they can get their dirty hands on.
Rep. John Culberson among hundreds of people lined up to get the swine flu vaccine at a public clinic at the Arlington County Public Health Division headquarters Wednesday morning.

That in itself isn’t terribly newsworthy — the Texas Republican was there to get his daughter vaccinated, a spokeswoman told HOH.

Dude cares about his kid. Totally understandable.

But our tipster noted Culberson’s visit to the clinic was "a little ironic since the Congressman voted against the funding that was used to purchase the vaccines in the first place."

I wouldn't expect anything else. Shameless is so cute!

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André said...

it WAS for the kid...not doing it would be like those religious nuts who refuse medical treatment for their kids because science killed jesus