Oct 26, 2009

America's Long Wait is Over

We will finally get to see Levi Johnston's junk. He's going to be posing in Playgirl.
Levi's handler Tank Jones confirmed for us that the contract with Playgirl is signed and that the shoot will take place in the next couple of weeks here in New York. A date hasn't been set yet, but it's most likely going to be the first weekend in November.
So, so excited. Also very excited that Levi is repped by a guy named "Tank." It's getting so very porno in here.
Jones confirmed what we reported before, that there's nothing about how much Levi will or will not show in the contract, but he said that Levi is "fearless" and he'll "do what he wants to do" and that he's "90% sure there will be nudity...I'm talking the front. Letting the whole thing hang out."
It's only a matter of time before Levi is the new Ron Jeremy.

Sarah is going to be upset and titillated.


Bob said...

I love how the only thing right wingers will stand behind infalibly is their own hypocrisy.

"we gon have this here babay, and we gon raze it in a gawdly home yall! Do what? Gay porn? Well I'm sure we can have that swept under the rug Bristol darlin, that there babay will never have to know about her daddies sinful ways. Well that and the fact that you were born from a right wing christ nazi whore"

I hope Pete Steel from Type O Negative is there when he's about to take his gear off and pushes his pansy phoney christian ass into the street nude.

Inferno Silver said...

damn, this right wing obsession with torture just never ends...