Oct 22, 2009

What? We Were Being Dicks.

Looks like the Republicans up in Connecticut have been naughty.

Twitter, Inc., shut down 33 fake Twitter accounts created by Republicans using the names of Democratic state representatives. The Republican scheme was to send out posts under the Democrats' names mocking the liberal tax-and-spend bastards.
Suck it, Dems! We pretend to be you and you look like assholes! It's Democracy!

"That's unfortunate," was state Republican Chairman Chris Healy's response when told of Twitter, Inc.'s decision. "I'm not quite sure what the issue is, other than that the Democrats were successful in stopping free speech."
Totally. It has nothing to do with impersonating other humans. If you are "free speaking" as someone else, it's not free speech. It's being a douche.

"It's our idea, actually," said Healy. He said Republicans want voters to understand how badly they're being screwed by the Democrats who approved billions in new taxes rather than cut spending.

Healy has no intention of shutting those sites down just because of Democratic protests.

"They didn't think of it first, so that's why they're whining," Healy said.
Well, now we know what happened to all the dick jocks from high school.

According to Twitter, Inc., the fake posts violated the immensely popular social networking system's anti-impersonation policy.

In an e-mail reply to a Democratic legislative leader's complaint, a Twitter representative stated:

"A person may not impersonate others through the Twitter service in a manner that does or is intended to mislead, confuse or deceive others. ... Impersonation is against our terms unless it is a parody. The standard for defining parody is, 'Would a reasonable person be aware that it's a joke?' "

Rules. Weird.


André said...

holy shit, thats some old school shit right there.
i remember way back in the day when people used mIRC to comunicate in the web, sometimes some 15yo lamers would show up in the chat room with a nickname similar to yours after you pwned them.
why dont you guys stick with the dudes you elected as class deputys back in highschool and stop bothering with this politics thing

Jason said...

How dare Twitter turn on the Republicans?! Free market!