Sep 17, 2009

Woman With Crazy Looking Mouth Says Things

Ellen Sauerbrey, who served under Bush as Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration thinks Obama is quite a bit like Hitler.
The paper reports that Sauerbrey said that President Obama was surrounded by a cult-like following, edging towards that of Juan Peron or Adolf Hitler.
It's a logical conclusion to come to. Anyone with who has approval ratings in the mid-50s in obviously similar to Hitler. Also, Hitler huge on healthcare. That was his "thang." Oh, and killing 6 million Jews.
She said that the Obama administration advanced "fascist, socialist ideals." "I'm really afraid for the future of our country," Sauerbrey told attendees at the annual Lincoln/Reagan Dinner of Sept. 12 in Callaway. "Our Constitution is indeed being dismantled."
Bush made sure our Constitution was super safe. But more importantly....

LOOK AT HER MOUTH! Is it painted on? For God's sake, see a fucking doctor.


Bob! said...

Hey let's take a quick vote.

Anyone feel like some sort of ideal and lifestyle is being enforced upon them under penalty of death?

I mean other than Amero-protestant Christianity.

They sure do love using that old book o' revelations as an excuse to paint picutes over the reality of real society.

"Hey let's just use up all the clean water and oil because Jeeezus is a comin!!!" glory

GMtechDude said...
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Bob said...

We "liberals" sure have had it good within the last 10 years, lemme tell ya.

There are far more reasons why this gateway pundit blog gets so many hits than mere man power can generate. I mean when you think about it there are quite a few christofascists living right here and as we speak they're making sure that our sin and filth will be eradicated as well as the sinful and filthy. This is why the Grande' Ole' Partay doesn't get my support for their wine, racism, and hookers with a front of "good old down home values".

Do not think you can lecture me on what I see as an underlying plot by the religious right, their puppet politicians, their faith based screaming fanatic leaders, and the judges and police who use biblical rights as law of the land. I'll tell you something GM Tech, I know you went to trade school and worked real hard to work for a corporation that rapes workers rights all over the globe, that walk hand in hand with oil manufacturers, I'm sure you're butthurt because you got laid off, I'm sure you love your Toby Keith, but lemme ask you this... When Bush was handing out 700 Billion(that's billion with a B) to the banks that control American home and auto finance, because we were told that they were in trouble by then Sec. of Finance Robert Paulson, could you not see the tide turning in your profession as well?

This socialist elite that I hear so much about is quite funny to me because churches are built upon social and communal values, not a race to get out of the parking lot before the Baptists can get to the steak house. The christeez just don't like competition with people who accept gays, think babies should be eatin and think responsibility should be maintained in national finance and not used as a dodge to put more money in the hands of the "religious elite" or "right wing radio elite" or "the klan".

My views don't go over well with devil worshipers. Satan; by the way, is a root word of the hebraeic phrase shaytan which means "the adversarie". This America you believe in, is nothing but decaying rust that's been painted over. It's the scenario that they all want because a savior will come in the nick of time to whisk them all away to jesusland where everyone has a mercedes and mansions and it's nothing but white folk.

Like Dave said, how much more can we go on about Healthcare, and people who don't think Obama is American enough, or this and that?

Apparently you missed an asshole fuckface round up or two.

disco modjo said...

Readership is down because of people are picking up their lives from the fallout of Bush-Conomics. Only big corporations seem to be doing so well since 2000 starting from the secret Enron meetings to the Wars, we have other priorities to take care of. Dave's blog is one of the most informative and entertaining. No one believes neocons or GOP righties. So go tell your lies elsewhere.

Dead Letter Boy said...

This doesn't really have much to do with your post, but if you haven't heard about it yet, here's something right up your alley.


Bob? said...

Is it just me, or is that cricket comment GM Lube Jock made sound kind of...racist?

I mean I voted for Obama based on his intensity and unwillingness to give in to sterotypes. But I dunno. I thought the whitey house could "raise the roof" and "crack a 40" as well.

I could imagine the view of the world to this fellow to be a rather lonely one since the crackdown on right wing terrorist groups started taking presidence over terrorist that control our oil imports.

Aren't white people fun.