Sep 20, 2009

Not Writing Much

Because I'm taking care of my son during the day.

Turns out watching my spawn is more important than a blog.

I said this would happen a couple of months ago....


Bob said...

Thank you.

You're blog is without a doubt the best I've ever read.

Take care of your business, I for one will be here when you get back.

James said...

I love this blog, it's the best ever. The fuckfacery that reveal is just amazing. I hope you find time to give us a little update on the world when time permits. I always look forward to it.

elaine said...

I enjoy your site and hate to see you slow down on your blogging, but I predict that the experiences of parenthood will give you a new perspective on life and perhaps even make you a better writer. Unless you become some softie and start holding back on the cursing. I would love to read about your adventures in daddyhood; have you considered starting a parenting blog?