Aug 9, 2009

Why They Are Fascist

We are watching something new happen in America. We are seeing mobs of people, determined to shout down their opponents and threaten violence. The Democrats have committed the horrible act of having a different idea about governing. The mobs refuse to accept that this Democracy has elected people who have different thoughts about the direction our country will take. So, they have decided to stop any discussion and issue threats.

First came the "tea baggers." They were minions sent out to protest in what was called a "grass roots movement." But it wasn't. It was created by and orchestrated by the right wing media and powerful members of the Republican Party, like Dick Armey and Tim Phillips. It was the beginning. Corporations and a right wing party gave marching orders and the street followed. If this was simply protesting, no big deal. Sure it's a blatant lie that the Tea Baggers were a grass roots organization, but that is to be expected from people with few morals, like today's right wing.

Then came the Birthers. A group of people, larger than we at first believed, who claim the president does not have the right to be president. Where did they get this info? From the right wing media. More marching orders, but these step into a more dangerous area: The Democratically elected government is illigitimate. This is where we get into burgeoning fascism. It is a classic tactic. And Republican Congressmen sponsored a bill to push the lie further down the road.

Next came the town hall mobs, driven to rage by the socialist national health care plan. Of course, this is completely false. There is no socialist health care plan. There is an attempt to create a competing universal insurance public option. They are being fed lies to create hysteria - by big business.

But with the town hall mobs, we have crossed into a new area - a dangerous one. Now we are seeing Congressmen being pushed out the back doors of meeting houses by armed security to escape angry mobs. Democratic lawmakers are recieving death threats and some of the mob are recommending to their fellow brown shirts to bring weapons to town hall meetings.

Republicans are only firing up the fury, by lying about "death panels" and comparing Obama to Hitler. Comparing the president to Hitler and the Democratic Party to Nazis is giving the green light to lunatics to kill them, plain and simple. The left occasionally compared Bush to Hitler for invading another country, while these right wing nuts are doing it because he wants to give everyone health care. Bit of a difference there.

And this is terror. Make no mistake about it. When you come to meetings to shout down and threaten anyone with an opposing viewpoint, threaten to kill members of the opposing party and have leaders fueling the fire with lies, you have a serious problem. The conservative leaders are stoking the fires of anger among the ignorant thugs. They are empowering them to commit acts of violence and stop political discource because it goes against what they want.

This is how fascism takes root. Now, I'm not saying it will be effective, but it is what it is: Fascim, pure and simple.

History has taught us this combination of elites pushing people on the street toward mob action does not end well.

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Tuba Terry said...

Good post.

I wonder if you'll get any dissenting opinions, instead of personal attacks and demands for links. So, I'm gonna be preemptive here and say that the links to evidence, videos, etc have been posted plenty of other places.

Also, I already miss the SG crowds, it was fun trying to tell the difference between the trolls and the real wingnuts.