Aug 17, 2009

No Worries

This dude is just hanging around outside of the UVW in Phoenix, where Obama is speaking later today.

A man, who decided not to give his name, was walking around the pro-health care reform rally at 3rd and Washington streets, with a pistol on his hip, and an AR-15 (a semi-automatic assault rifle) on a strap over his shoulder.
He's black, so that should seriously confuse all the Tea Baggers.

1 comment:

André said...

America really has come a long way...
a decade ago, blacks were gang members, drug users, murderers, rapists, started riots, and made good punching bags for the LAPD.
you all assumed a brother was armed and dangerous just for being a bit overcooked. war on gang warfare and shit.
now, the brother can walk around with an assault rifle (tech-9's are for wussys) in the street, and it's cool.
i dont get it.
not that much time has passed for people to become tolerant. (were i come from, he who walks around with a gun is labeled lunatic, insane and ostracized)
and i bet this wouldn´t be tolerated if good ol'W was still in charge.
this isn't tolerance, is conformism.
"OH well, since we got one'o them in charge, we problly shouldn't say no to the damn jungle bunny".
i just wanna see what happens once obama is gone, and how bad the decisions made by people with this kind of mindset will turn out to be.
what happens if hillary wins in 2016? i bet lesbian teenage love will be all the rage in catolic schools then