Aug 24, 2009

Glenn Beck Goes Eastern Eurpoean

Glenn has a new book coming out. Apparently, he gives the gift of teaching us how to argue with idiots.

And he's wearing an East German army uniform. Because...East Germany was...communist. He's a smart one.


Bob............ said...

Nope! No room for intellectual debate in the land of NASCAR. Arguing with people and pulling our weaponry when we don't get our way is as American as processed meat, torture, and Jesus!

I hope if a 2000 year old carpenter does come from the sky, I hope it's Karen Carpenter and I hope she eats Glenn Beck's head.

Jason said...

Glenn Beck is a fucking genius! This is how you market to right-wing America. Pissing off liberals with glaring inaccuracies and ignorance sells books! Beck's targeted audience doesn't actually read... anything! They just put them on their bookcases to show off and keep up with the Republican Joneses.

elaine said...

The current health system, which essentially tells poor people "sucks to be you," is basically a form of eugenics. Underprivileged people and their kids apparently should just die so they won't reproduce and make more lazy and irresponsible people. Do you know who really liked eugenics? The nazis. Yet the repugs who oppose health insurance reform are calling Obama a nazi. I don't get it.

Reconfigure said...

I think this is actually a German Bundeswehr uniform. The yellow collar tabs are for Communications. He thought about it.

I've seen a couple different East German uniform tunics, and this matches Bundeswehr more closely.