Aug 25, 2009

Eternally Shocking

Someone took a poll in Arkansas, which must be one of the most depressing jobs in the history of the world. The results were, as expected, beyond stupid.
The new survey of Arkansas from Public Policy Polling finds the state to be very conservative, very Birtherist, and very much opposed to President Obama on health care. On health care, only 29% support Obama's plan, with 60% against it.
Well, that's not surprising, because his health care plan will help people like them the most - and they are retarded.
Only 40% approve of President Obama's job performance, with 56% disapproving.
Fair enough, he is black, after all.
In addition, only 45% say Obama was born in the United States, with a strong 31% saying he was not, and 24% unsure.
I mentioned he's black, right?
In addition, respondents were asked whether Rush Limbaugh or Barack Obama has the better vision for America: Limbaugh 55%, Obama 45%.
So, go form a Rush Nation. How awesome would that be? We could then nuke them.

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Bob........................................ said...

Did you make that photo yourself? Because if you did then your WAAAY off. Fayetteville is not the center of the universe. Eureka Springs is because they've got the Passion Play and the 500 foot rapping Jesus statue.

Not a dry eye in the house or a piece of chicken liver left on the bone the last time I was at the Passion Play. Truly moving.