Aug 24, 2009

Finally, Someone Speaks the Truth About EMP's

We've been living with our heads in the sand but the Republicans have not. It's time to take heed of their warning about the threat of an Electomagnetic Pulse attack.

You know it's a serious subject when the ex-Governor/enemy of science Mike Huckabee is going to be there.

We're all going to die. Huckabee will tell us how.

Followed by a prayer service.


Bob......................... said...

Halelujah. I bet the Ozarks are alive tonight with the sound of jugs and wash boards over the news that Mike Huckabee is gonna single handedly stop all electromagnetic pulse. Because EMP is the tool of the Debbil, and hog jowel is a gift from the lorduh.

Jason said...

Good thing there's not any of those fucking scientists speaking.

Anonymous said...


Bob said...

So what your essentially saying Anony; is that we should go back to a white guy that bows out less than graciously to multi national globalized corporations as opposed to a "electro-dancing homeboy(?)" That is doing nearly the same thing but wants to put us on the same care level as Canada when it comes to the health and welfare of it's people?

I'm sorry to tell you this anonymous contributor but your country was lost around 25 years ago when Reagan, Pappy Bush and Jerry Falwell started running things for the well being of oil and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Now do please run along, you'll be late for your youth group at church.

Mike said...

1st, the terrorists will attack us with an EMP that will take out Twitter, leaving the nation without access to conservatives' collective 140 character thoughts. Then, Facebook is go down, and without access to Sarah Palin's Facebook: no death panels! Fox News will be hanging on by a thread, until Glenn Beck trips over the the generator cord and knocks the station off the air. Then those fucking liberals take over and America opens its doors to Mexicans and Kenyans.

Bob.......... said...

Well...Till Jesus comes back and takes all the white Americans to Candy Land. Then the Kenyans can have it. What do Kenyans know about running something like Viacom or Microsoft anyways?