Jun 18, 2009

President Pastry

This is sad news. It looks like Iranians think our president is a tasty pastry.
DATELINE: What is the best way to approach this? … President Obama though says that we don’t want to take sides too publicly because then the ruling regime there could use us as the straw man to beat back this public uprising. How do you read this?

SENATOR ROHRABACHER: Well I think that Mr. Obama, if he continues to have these types of attitudes, we’re going to see things get very bad, very quickly. Already the North Koreans have challenged him and realized that he’s a cream puff, if that is what he is indeed going to be as a President.
Um. Hey, bro, when tough guy was in charge, North Korea became a nuclear power. They actually started blowing up nuclear bombs and shit. So, you know, you kind of look like a tool. That being said, I would actually love it if we voted an actual cream puff to be president.
ROHRABACHER: Now if the Mullahs in Iran are permitted to just roll over opposition something like Tienanmen square, we will have missed a great opportunity.
Totally. Because the Mullahs know creating a bunch of martyrs will be in there best interest. Oh, and WE DON'T HAVE ANY PROOF THAT THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN. Oh, and THERE'S NOTHING WE CAN DO. Oh, and THE REASON THE MULLAHS ARE IN CHARGE IS BECAUSE WE MEDDLED IN IRAN YEARS AGO.

Other than that, good points Rohrabacher. Now, go pick up a history book.

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Anonymous said...

North Koreans have been flipping us off long before Bush. Clinton watched them for eight long years and couldn't get anything done. It doesn't matter, Republican or Democrat, NK is bad juju and is propped up by China, Iran and others.