Jun 9, 2009

Afghani Gets All Truthful

Uh oh. Some crazy shit was leaked out of the Afghanistan embassy. Turns out the Ambassador to the United States asked his government for money to lobby Congress.
Afghanistan and the United States are facing many threats that must be addressed based on the US-Afghan Strategic Partnership. The Obama Administration is as much committed to the stabilization of Afghanistan as it deems US domestic issues including a receding economy as its major priorities. This mixed picture provides Afghanistan with many opportunities on the short term, particularly in capitalizing on the still goodwill of the American people and the bi-partisan support for Afghanistan. To translate the existing US support into effective packages of assistance to Afghanistan, we need to give serious consideration to allocating financial resources on an annual basis so that—like Pakistan and India and so many other countries—we are also able to effect pro-Afghanistan policy and legislation in Washington.
And someone thought it was worthy of a headline. Wouldn't not asking for money to lobby our whores in Washington be more worthy of a headline? They'd make the anus our national bird for the right amount.

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