Feb 4, 2009

Obama FAIL

Not that anyone is noticing, but Barack Obama if failing BIGTIME. His stimulus package is in major trouble in the Senate. Republicans are blocking it, even though 68% of Americans are for it. Without the package, we can expect a depression.

He's not using his massive email list or taking to the airwaves to demand its passage.

It's weak and ineffective leadership.

Step your shit up, moron.


James said...

Yeah, plus Obama has bowed to the evil corporations in pledging to remove Buy American provisions from the stimulus! No wonder he just dropped 20% in approval ratings. (Now he's down in the 60s). Obama won the election in great part because of his economic populism. The people aren't stupid. We know what caving in to billionaires looks like.

Patrick said...

"Without the package, we can expect a Depression"?

We have already seen what massive deficit spending - both public and private - can do in the markets. How is more of the same going to help?

Obama has pressed this stimulus with the same urgency that got us the Patriot Act before anyone had a chance to read and digest it. Liberals, where is the healthy skepticism now? Obama has used words like "catastrophe" in pushing for this bill, but has not been more specific. Why can't any of these brilliant folks in Washington elaborate on this catastrophe they think we should be so fearful of?

The mid- to long-term result of the passage of this bill is already clear to me, and to many of those who have studied economic history: The destruction of our currency. This bill is a final power grab by Washington to ensure that when the dollar crashes through the floor - which they all know is going to happen, stimulus or not - only Washington will be able to "help".

Read The Road To Serfdom by the Nobel-winning economist F.A. Hayek, and the current picture becomes much clearer. This is the political class shoring up power before a long and arduous journey through poverty for most Americans - that is, those of us who count on dollars as a medium of exchange.

Patrick said...

Oh, and by the way DA - The Gallup poll listed 68% as Obama's overall approval rating, but the stimulus support poll was at more like 50%. Perhaps it's gone up since then, but of course that's moot now. What's important to note is that the mainstream media conflated his approval rating with the stimulus package, when skepticism was actually greater.

Makes me want to read Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky.

Anonymous said...


You really know what the fuck you are talking about, don't you shit-for-brains. Sorry to hear you decided to procreate. The gene pool is fucked up enough the way it is. Dickwad.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that 68% number is totally bogus. Even the actual number, whatever it is now, varies greatly based on phrasing. Asking someone if they favor stimulus implies that it will, well, stimulate. When you ask them if they want the government to spend massive amounts of money on public programs, the numbers plummet.

Re: James. Wow, free trade detractors still exist? You guys haven't died out, like mainstream Communists? I can't think of an idea more thoroughly discredited, yet still considered a major political issue, than free trade vs. protectionism. Try focusing on what's actually good for all of us for a second, without being constantly distracted by whether or not someone rich might benefit from it, too, and the issue becomes a lot clearer.