Nov 22, 2008

Time To Boycott Twilight. It's A Mormon Flick

Well, this is surprising. Nobody seemed to mention that the movie Twilight is based on a book written by a Mormon and is chalk full of Mormon beliefs. Stephanie Meyer is a devout Mormon.
An observant Mormon, she doesn't drink alcohol and has never seen an R-rated movie. She's not perfect--although Mormons avoid caffeine on principle, she drinks the occasional cherry Diet Pepsi. "It's about keeping yourself free of addictions," she explains, sitting on a huge couch in her living room. "We have free will, which is a huge gift from God. If you tie that up with something like, I don't know, cocaine, then you don't really have a lot of freedom anymore."
Awesome. You are quite the advanced woman with your caffeine intake. Rock on, you crazy feminist.
What makes Meyer’s books so distinctive is that they’re about the erotics of abstinence. Their tension comes from prolonged, superhuman acts of self-restraint. There’s a scene midway through Twilight in which, for the first time, Edward leans in close and sniffs the aroma of Bella’s exposed neck. “Just because I’m resisting the wine doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the bouquet,” he says. “You have a very floral smell, like lavender … or freesia.” He barely touches her, but there’s more sex in that one paragraph than in all the snogging in Harry Potter.
Totally, there's all kinds of sex, you know, without any of the sex stuff. The Heroine in the movie is one of the most passive, pathetic heroines of all time. She exists to be saved. Much like Mormon women on the polygamy farm. Twilight is a movie about religious idealism. And a pathetic one at that.

This next statement makes me want to punch myself in the face.
"I really think that's the underlying metaphor of my vampires," she says. "It doesn't matter where you're stuck in life or what you think you have to do; you can always choose something else. There's always a different path."
Yes. Vampires can totally find religion and make an awesome choice. Except for the fact that they are the DEAD. You know, dead creatures who prey upon men. But other than that, yeah, they can totally make a different choice. Just like a polar bear can choose to eat plants instead of seals.

Boycott Twilight. Mormons give 10% of their paycheck to the church. The same one that asked its members to donate gobs of money to Yes on 8.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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dac said...

Boycott getting stabbed in the face because it will benefit the Nazis.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers unit against the Mormons! fear the bloggers! haha what a joke. Is it right to hate a group because they believe differently then you do? What kind of bigot wrote this

Dave Anthony said...

I'm not going to delete your comment. You're a fucking idiot. This is not a difficult concept to grasp. Mormon Church provides money to vote yes on 8. All Mormons give 10% of their income to church. Opponents will now not spend money on Mormon products.

If you can't understand that, you should kill yourself because you are a pathetic waste of space.

Anonymous said...

Um... I'm all for pushing for pulling tax exemption from the LDS church, but this is a few too many degrees of separation for me to consider it effective.

Movie based on book penned by author who happens to be Mormon... other than the fact that Twilight is absolutely atrocious storytelling, I don't think there's a good reason to avoid it.

Now, if you find me evidence that Meyer herself was donating book/movie profits to Prop 8, that would be different.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should boycott all of Orson Scott Cards books because he just so happens to be Mormon as well.

Dave Anthony said...

Sounds good. 10% of what you buy from a Mormon goes to the Mormon church, so boycotting his cards sounds like a good idea.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and it's pretty hilarious. Oh yeah Twilight sucks ass anyway, as do some mormons.

Dylan said...

I grew up in the center of Mormon "hell". This post isn't filled with hate, it's filled notes that indicate the reality of the contradictions of a horribly bigoted, and un-realistic faith.

Mormons are the new Catholics (in the 15th century kind of way). The only problem is that it is hard to burn witches at the stake, and have 15 wives when every outside observer has the ability to capture video.

I will go to my grave happy and look the all mighty jesus in the face and say that Mormon's are: "Fucking Insance, and they do nothing but hurt non Mormons (Jesus, they are very 'christian' if you think about it)...

Dylan said...

and I will go to hell for not being able to proof read my posts...

Anonymous said...

This was her first attempt at writing - I think a lot of writers that have worked for many years with little success may be jealous.

Anonymous said...

In my experience, Mormons are one of the most hateful groups there are hiding behind the supposed compassion of Christianity.
I lived in three months of hell in Salt Lake City because I was from California and I had a single mom. We actually got hate mail from our neighbors.
What a wonderful bunch of people, and I can see they haven't changed much in the past 30 years with their backing of proposition h8.
There is no way I'd support them by reading one of Meyers' books.

Inferno Silver said...

shit man, Mormon fucks got their creepy little undead fingers into everything... thanks for the heads-up, I'll add it to the list...

Anonymous said...

Dude I agree completely. Fuck Twilight and fuck Mormons. The LDS Church donated 20 million dollars to Yes on H8. It is THEIR fault that the gays are getting second class treatment and are discriminated. Mormonism is a fucking cult and is sick. I'm also a liberal so it goes it goes without saying that Mormons suck. As for Twilight, it made a lot of money and Meyer is a devout Mormon which means that she is giving a shitload of money to that fucked up Church. In all honesty, I love everyone except the Mormons. They creep me out.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i come from a cultic church (not Mormonism) that i was born into & it makes me sick to think she used her books as propaganda for a religion that takes a percentage of your hard-earned income. sick fucks.

church & religious institutions in all can go fuck themselves.

Bot said...

Fear the Mormons because they exercised their right to stand for Judeo-Christian (6000 years worth) morality ! !

The Mormon Church gave $2,000 to fund someone's trip to California. Big Deal !


The following chart shows the amounts of money contributed by both in-state and out-of-state individuals and groups to each side.
In-State Donations Out-of-State Donations Total Donations
For Proposition 8 $25,388,955 $10,733,582 $36,122,538
Against Proposition 8 $26,464,589 $11,968,285 $38,432,873
Totals $51,853,544 $22,701,867 $74,555,411
Source: Tracking the money, Los Angeles Times

The Anti-8 forces had MORE donations than the Pro-8 donations.
The Anti-8 forces had MORE OUT OF STATE donations than the Pro-8 donations.

Any donations of Mormons were done individually, not through the Church.

p.s. you should delete your own comments for profanity.

Anonymous said...

hey I'm mormon and ive read twilight first of all to the person that wrote that they lived in Utah for a while and got hate mail let me just tell u Utah people think they r great but have u ever met a mormon from Texas or Cali compare them and to the blogger look up ur acussations before writing them Mormons aren't like a cult were a religion we believe in almost everything u probably do but a little more like we have a prophet and he tells as what's good for us he gets it straight from god. The book of Mormon is a book just like the bible but in the Americas while Jesus was on one side of the world others were on the other side. So please make sure of your facts ttyl

Anonymous said...

what the hell??

MormonGirl said...

No offense intended but this blog and its comments are RIDICULOUS! For starters, yes, it is true that Mormons give 10% of their income to the church... but they are not forced to... they are asked to, but it is a choice they can make for themselves. Also, Mormons no longer practice polygamy!!! Haven't for years.
As for Prop 8... The Mormon Church itself did not donate any money! The members of the church, however, did.. of their own free will!!!!
Mormonism is not a cult. It is quite the opposite actually. In the Mormon religion people are taught of the free will they are given. Things like giving 10% of their income, not doing drugs or alcohol, or not having premarital sex is advised against on the account of God not wanting them to... but they are never forced to do anything! I don't know if Stephanie Meyer was purposely influenced by her Mormon background or not, but even if she was I think not reading a book because of the author's religion is just plain wrong. What if a catholic wrote it? Or a Jew? Would it matter then? I don't think it should! Remember the Nazi’s?... well, they caused a war over discrimination! It is a horrible thing to do.
In case you are wondering, yes I am a Mormon and I am very proud to be one!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've read a lot of comments about people not supporting the "Twilight" series because Stephanie Myer is a Mormon, and therefore she will be giving 10% of her income to the church. Well, if there are any Christians out there, we are supposed to give 10% to our church as well. (It's called tithing). Look up 1 Cor. 16:1-2. If you are boycotting anything Mormom, then anyone who is not a Christian should boycott your businesses and ways of income.

Anonymous said...

I think its great that a Mormon has become very welknown for her talents and showing that yes we are very normal yet very perculiar and we actaully try harder to be more perculiar than normal. If you are threatened by her talents you are simply showing how great she is one thing is to choose to not go for yourself another is to make others sway there freedom of choice now that is worst than anything else anyone can do. If you are so against it funny how successful she is and guess what mormon or not she is a talented writer and who works speak for themselves. I'm proud she is a Mormon and only wish her the best and if she was Catholic I'd like to think I would admire her the same as this life is all about sharing and caring each others talents.

Anonymous said...

I think its great that a Mormon has become very welknown for her talents and showing that yes we are very normal yet very perculiar and we actaully try harder to be more perculiar than normal. If you are threatened by her talents you are simply showing how great she is one thing is to choose to not go for yourself another is to make others sway there freedom of choice now that is worst than anything else anyone can do. If you are so against it funny how successful she is and guess what mormon or not she is a talented writer and who works speak for themselves. I'm proud she is a Mormon and only wish her the best and if she was Catholic I'd like to think I would admire her the same as this life is all about sharing and caring each others talents.

Anonymous said...

I think you should recommend we boycott the series because it sucks. Sorry for the awful pun. I could hardly get through Twilight. I guess you don't have to write well to graduate from BYU.

Ethan said...

jeez the posts on here are paranoid. The LDS Church may be powerful but after reading your posts I want to run to a bomb shelter and grab my am radio because THE MORMONS ARE COMING! AHHH!

Get a grip folks. The Mormons are cool enough.

Besides, 100 million teenage girls around the world attest to something about this franchise. They will be 20 somethings soon, it is impossible to measure the influence this series will have on the minds of so many who worship it.

Tony said...

What a moron! So Mormons don't have the right to voice their political views? You are a loser. How many Mormons in CA? Not enough to sway the Prop 8 vote. Why don't you attack African-Americans, who came out en masse to actually make a difference here with their vote? Because you're a pussy, that's why. Easy to attack Mormons, huh? Delete this post too, you clueless, close-minded wuss.

Nav said...

Oh my fucken word. If it walks like a duck and quacks like duck - it's a duck. On that point, Mormons need to suck ass repeatedly! A faith - baloney! Recruiting more morons on the same train of delusion does not make it a faith. Rather a deviously engineered pyramid scheme hidden behind select tenets of Christianity and just about anything convenient invented by their “living” prophet. Further selling neo-nazi ideals indicated in their proselytizing and revenue stream generation. No-one cares for you - get OVER IT! So far as the movie goes, what depth and enthrallment - it's a fucken stroke in slow motion!

Anonymous said...

All Mormons donate 10% of their income to the church just like all Catholics abstain from sex until marriage.

Calm down fucktards.

Anonymous said...

Geez--isn't there enough hate in the world? Grow up a bit and learn to live and let live!

Anonymous said...

I like tacos.

Anonymous said...

Domestic Partnership Organizations call for boycott of Mormon-owned
companies because of LDS Church opposition to same-sex marriage referendum in Washington State

AgriNorthwest to be targeted first

Seattle, Washington - Several domestic partnership and gay rights
organizations are kicking off a boycott campaign of major Mormon/LDS owned companies in Washington State as a result of behind-the-scenes opposition
of Referendum 71 by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS). The organizations include the GLBT Coalition for Same Sex Marriages, Gay Equality Action Alliance, Domestic Partnership Education Council, Gay Marriage Freedom Federation, Coalition for Fair Domestic Partnership Laws,
Washington Citizens Against Civil Union Discrimination, Marriage Equality Washington, and the Alliance for Gay Wedding Fairness.

In particular, the domestic partnership advocacy groups are upset about a Mormon backed television advertisement that has been airing in Washington
State opposing Ref. 71 (
Referendum 71 is a ballot referendum that asks Washington State voters to re-confirm the expansion of domestic partnership rights and obligations in
Washington's domestic partnership legislation (SB 5688), which was signed by Governor Christine Gregoire on May 18, 2009.

In the above referenced TV advertisement opposing Ref. 71, the
introductory picture of Adam and Eve is a painting by Lowell Bruce
Bennett, and is the intellectual property of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The second painting in the video, the Sermon on the Mount, was painted by Carl Heinrich Bloch, which the LDS Church frequently uses in their publications. Because the LDS/Mormon Church is vociferous
about protecting its intellectual property, the photos in the advertisement have been used by permission of the LDS Church.

As a result of LDS Church opposition to Ref. 71, the above mentioned domestic partnership rights organizations announced that AgriNorthwest, a large LDS owned farming and food production company headquartered in
Kennewick, Washington, is the first target on their boycott list.

"We decided to target 10 large LDS/Mormon church owned companies in Washington State. As AgriNorthwest was the first one on our alphabetical list, we are targeting them first. More importantly, AgriNorthwest sells
its potatoes, corn, apples and other crops to large restaurant and retail chains, so we feel we can get a lot of widespread support for the boycott," stated Mike Davis of the GLBT Coalition for Same Sex Marriages.

"Because companies such as McDonalds, Burger King, Wal-Mart, Safeway, Kroger, Wendy's, Arby's, ConAgra Foods, Sysco, etc. buy products from AgriNorthwest, we will demand that these companies quit doing business with
AgriNorthwest." explained David Wilson of the Gay Equality Action

AgriNorthwest has had some past problems with workplace discrimination issues. For example, in "Nielson v. AgriNorthwest", the company would not allow a male employee who was dating a non-Mormon to attend the company picnic because the employee and his girlfriend were not married. AgriNorthwest reprimanded the employee for unacceptable performance and
then demoted the employee shortly thereafter after he became engaged to the girlfriend. AgriNorthwest also gave the employee another written warning for poor performance shortly after marrying his girlfriend. Because of the ongoing retaliation and discrimination by AgriNorthwest, the employee quit. The Court of Appeals rules ruled in "Nielson v. AgriNorthwest", that AgriNorthwest's motive for taking action against the employee was

For more information about the boycott against LDS owned companies such as AgriNorthwest, please call 1-888-843-4564.


Anonymous said...

Monster - I need help. I truly want to participate in the boycott of Prop 8 supporters. Do I have to stop with Mormons though? Blacks voted 70% in favor of Prop 8 - should I refuse to eat at California restaurants owned by blacks (since odds are they voted for Prop 8)? When this boycott is successful and all Mormons have lost their jobs/homes/livelihoods, is it okay to give them spare change to buy a bagel and not starve? Letting them starve would really show them...

Personally I think all the haters who think your Twilight boycott won't work just haven't done the math. After all, the Mormon church gave $189,000 to help Prop 8, or one half of one percent of total Yes donations. Stephanie Meyer is worth like $40 million. The Mormon church takes in $4 billion or so a year, so Stephanie's $4 million in total tithing to date is 1/1000 of what the Mormons take in during a year. If we could have dented the Mormon machine by that much before Prop 8, they they would have only been able to spend $187,000 in California!

aravis77 said...

I think its enough to boycott something just because its religious fodder at ALL. Not because of your beliefs or anything but because of a desire to have good taste. Watching Twilight instead of, say, Bram Stoker's Dracula, when you want to experience a vampire movie is like drinking watered down orange drink instead of fresh squeezed orange juice. Pointless, irresponsible, and a result of bad taste.

Nickname unavailable said...

It's a bit much to call for a boycott on a series of vampire novels just because the author is a Mormon. That's really getting just as bad as religious people not electing people because they're believers in god.

The books themselves do not portray any sex or drugs/drinking, and have a weak female lead.


So what?

It's hardly a reason to boycott it at all.

Oh, and also people's statements that 'All Mormons give 10% of their income to the church' is not strictly true. They are encouraged to, but many don't.

If it was being used as a 'recruiting tool' for the church, then go ahead and get in an outrage about that... but the beliefs of the person creating the fiction shouldn't preclude you from enjoying said fiction.

I'm sure many books you enjoy are written by people that you disagree with on many points.

I am a staunch Atheist, think that religion is far too ingrained within public sectors where it shouldn't be... but this is a damn series of books and movies and they're bloody harmless. Choose something worthwhile to get outraged about.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just read a bit in your blog and I noticed you really seem to dislike Mormons. Being a proud member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints myself, I just want to have a little input. Gay marriage has been turned down in what? thirty states already? And if you think the majority of the population is mormon right now then you are crazy.
Anyways, I love this church and I am proud to be a member. I pay 10% of my income because I know this church is the true church of Jesus Christ. It is my personal choice to do so.
I think it's neat that you do all of this blogging, I really should do something like you are! Have a good week! :)

Anonymous said...

okay, personal view, I JUST left Salt Lake City, aka "Mormon town" And let me say to you "proud mormons" you need to read thinks off of the approved mormon list... your lack of worldly education, is astounding, to say the least. Now don't get me wrong... I don't hate mormons, But I DO hate your cult, yes CULT. your religion was founded on the teachings of the Masonic lodge. They were never ment to be a religion. Joseph Smith took an oath to not devuldge the masonic teachings, and when he made it a religion.... we was killed for it. Look it up... Smith was killed by a mob of Masons! Ask yourself WHY? You are so secluded, and repressed, both socially, and sexually, that it's sickening!The "Church" has a strangle hold on the economy, citizens, and state government of Utah. They have spent BILLIONS of dollars making sure that there is not, and never will be, a seperation of church and state in UT. The only reason Meyers' book was published, was because it was a MORMON publisher! It's a literary piece of SHIT! And YES...20% of every book, toy, movie ticket, Twighlight logo, (you name it)WILL go to the Mormon church!That's right 20%, the publisher, and manager are mormon too. (surprise)

But why stop there.... They own a HUGE portion of Pepsi too! HA, "don't drink caffine.... We have to sell that to the NON- mormons!" As well they own Deseret industries, and MANY, MANY more! But, like I said, I don't hate Mormons.....I actually like defileing their sexually repressed young women! (they fuck like ANIMALS!!)

Anonymous said...

I suppose ignorance is bliss?

This post is completely retarded.

It's funny to me that someone would try to rally people to boycott these movies/books because they were authored bu a Mormon.

Why not boycott The Lord of the Rings because JRR Tolkein is Catholic? Or how about we take "The Catcher in the Rye" out of schools because JD Salinger is Jewish?

I love that people that know NOTHING about religion or politics or anything else controversial they can shout about, are the ones always shouting.

Grow up and read a book that will actually educate you. That's what people like you idiots SHOULD be reading.

Anonymous said...

"CULT" merriam webster dictionary

c: a usually small group of people characterized by such devotion

Number of members of the Mormon church as of 2001! NINE years ago... 11,394,522

I hardly see how that can be considered a cult.

WHO's uneducated?

Anonymous said...

Also. Mormons do NOT own Pepsi.

MILLIONS of people own STOCK in large corporations. And I'm sure some of those INDIVIDUALS are Mormon. Just as they are of all other religious groups, or people with no faith at all. As mentioned above by another more educated person than the Mormon bashers, the Mormon church did not donate a PENNY to the Prop8 election efforts or anything having to do with it. Some individual members of the Mormon church (just as people of all other religious groups, or people with no faith at all) did. Every individual in this country is entitle to have an opinion on political issues.
I can only hope that ignorant uneducated people like you, didn't vote.

Seriously. EDUCATE YOURSELF before you start preaching wives tales and making yourself look like a complete idiot and a self-righteous prick.

Sophy Weston-Webb said...

well well well--hot buttons hit a nerve, huh?

twilight sucks in book or flick form . . . not because of any religious affiliation . . .twilight sucks because it is crap writing . . . not to mention crap thinking and crap role play.

How 'bout that? Ninnies Unite!

ttfn Sophy Weston-Webb

Anonymous said...

Ignorance always hits a nerve.

Whether Twilight sucks or not, whether Mormons suck or not...

If you think something sucks, have a valid reason why.

Know what you're talking about before you talk about it. And that's the point.

Anonymous said...

fuck all you cray mormons. your crazy faith is based on a 14 year old douch bag, who happened to also be a convicted scam artist.

He claimed god had given him some golden tablets, and he also found a stone that could translate the writing on the stones. When confronted by his peers, he could not reproduce any of his godly goods. Later in life this so called prophet turned to polygomy and pediphilia. Nice prophet.

So if you wear you magic underwear and take orders from your so called christian leaders to donate your kid's college fund, so that you can spread your message of hate and intolerance, you are a good mormon.

They claim to be all about family, yet all the mormon families I know are so fuck up.

Do not get me wrong, I thing all organized religions are fucked. But when it comes to crazy, the mormons have a the upper hand.

Is it crazy to believe that god lives on another planet where you can go and be with him, and also take multiple wives in the afterlife? Crazy in perspective of religion, is like killing in the name of god. And we are not going to take that away from the catholics.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, finally somebody said it! Twilight movies are evil! I have Mormon friends that go crazy over Twilight and its vampires and werewolves (but they're such nice & sexy undead creatures), but think that Harry Potter with its involvement with witchcraft is evil. It's a double standard with the Mormons!

Anonymous said...

Are you people freaking Retarded(mormon haters)!!!! She has high standards so why are you freaking out on her? Just cuz your a sleeve bag doesnt mean everyone is. Does it matter she is mormon? She is a good person! wow i'm glad im not a freaking retarded inbred. What is wrong with you people

Anonymous said...

Ok guess what assholes, and all you idiots who are hatin on mormons. Im not a mormon but many people i know are. And you guys know nothing of their religon. Maybe you had a bad experience? But guess what their people like you and me. So how about you get your facts straight instead of acting like you ate too many paint chips and actually know something or want to feel important.

Anonymous said...

Wow seriously have some mommy and daddy issues. "It's A Mormon Flick"??? Are you fuckin serious? I am not a fan of Twilight, but come on! I happen to LOVE Rob Zombie films, but that doesn't mean I'm a Satanist! And as far as the Mormon religion goes......I grew up Mormon. I happen to be a very Out and very Proud Lesbian. I don't agree with alot of their teachings but I do believe that the majority of them are decent people. So get a life and go after a more noble cause like wide spread genocide or world hunger!

Anonymous said...

This is all pretty pathetic. This just shows how ignorant people still are and how this guy judges people on stereo types. Mormons do give 10% of their earnings to the church but it goes to youth activiites, charity, famililes in need and much more. I personally dont' live in the states so this whole prop 8 thing is something I can't comment on as in Canada, and we have no problem with gays being together. It's so funny how you base all mormons on the ones in the states like the US is the only country out there. I'm I surprised? Nah... NOT AT ALL. You Yankees are all the same. Next time you want to stereotype and bash a religion do yourself a favour and research it first. You look pretty stupid saying mormons are polygamists. Just so you know, LDS memebers are NOT polygamists. In fact it's against what we believe in. If you want to blog about something, get your facts straight. Otherwise your just embarrassing yourself.

Liz said...

Though I'm not a fan of Mormonism because of their anti-woman, anti-gay perspectives, it isn't necessary to boycott the movie because Meyers is a Mormon...just avoid the books and movies because they are badly written and acted.