Oct 8, 2008

McCain Took Juice For Debate

Looks like McCain was throwing legal uppers into his age riddled body, so he could look competent during the debate.
Former Broncos bruiser Bill Romanowski wouldn't dish to the New York Daily News earlier this week when the newspaper reported that Republican presidential candidate John McCain was taking Romo's Neuro1 herbal supplement to keep his memory sharp and his energy levels up. But the former linebacker talked to me.

"John McCain is taking my Neuro1 to stay sharp," Romo told me Thursday. "He was really sharp for the debate (against Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama) last week. For anyone with that level of stress and that travel schedule (Neuro1) is really helpful."
It didn't work. Grandpa still looked like a sad, old man walking across the stage. At times it was embarrassing to watch and he reminded me of the old drunk guy at a party who keeps you just want to get away from, but he keeps yammering.

But that's the power of...

You too can look like an old man babbling at a party! Neuro 1!

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Paintstain said...

Ooh, orange cream...