Oct 8, 2008

It Was Totally Worth It

A few months ago, there was a news story about a gentleman who was arrested because his girlfriend sat on his toilet for 2 years. No, that's not a mistake and I've been there. The lady sat on the can for two awesome years. And he let it slide. Probably because she was hot.

Well, now it seems they had a master plan.
A Kansas man whose girlfriend was physically stuck to the toilet in their home wins $20,000 in the state Lottery, for the second time this year.

Kory McFarren cashed in his winning $2 Bonus Crossword ticket in Great Bend Monday. On July 29, the 37-year-old received six months of probation after pleading no contest to misdemeanor mistreatment of a dependent adult.

I'm sure they will spend it wisely. Like on a new toilet seat or something.

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