Aug 8, 2008

Major Georgia Tardation

Don't know if you heard, but Russia invaded Georgia today. Both of those countries are, of course, in Asia. But Jessica B was pretty worried, so she asked her fellow interneters for help.

Yes, Americans are that stupid. The comments were pretty wonderful.
You are a tool, Georgia is a Euroasia state that borders the south of Russia.

Please pay attention in school or at least get out a geography book.
Relax. I'm in Michigan and we heard about it on the news. Many of us are on our way in a convoy of pick-up trucks to help! Stand-by and stay where you are until we get there!

But none were better than this genius.

God bless you, Ocabj.

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Jonathan said...

Red Dawn was the best documentary / training video ever made. With a cast consisting of Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey, Lea Thompson, and C. Thomas Howell, among others, it is a great way to train our Nation's youth how to combat the Communist aggressors.

Note: I found this blog entry via an 'egosearch'.