Aug 9, 2008

John Edwards Just Became Attack Man #1

Republicans have been loving the fact that John Edwards admitted to an affair, even though it's none of the public's business. They are basically jerking off all over the airwaves and the internet, as they watch a Democratic political figure swing in the wind. Only, there's this small problem.

"What I was thining was this was something that was personal to my own family," Edwards said, citing other public figures having survived extramarital affairs. He recalled, he said, having heard "John McCain talk about the mistakes that he’s made in his past with respect to his first marriage."

"I’m not the first person to do this," he said.

Yes, John Edwards just became the one person in America who can talk about McCain's affair. What a complete and total disaster for Republicans. Anytime a reporter asks John Edwards about his affair, expect to hear the words, "John McCain." It's a beautiful thing.

That's called, "Getting what you wish for" in screenwriting. In the 70s, it was called, "face." And now, I'd just like to say, "suck it."

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