Aug 18, 2008

Double Up On Those Plastic Gloves!

Poor, poor doctors.

Doctors in California must treat gays and lesbians the same as any other patient, regardless of religious objections, the state Supreme Court ruled today.

Damn. That's going to be rough. But this doesn't say the doctor can't scream out, "Oh, fuck, this is horrible," or "DIRTY!" while giving gay people care, so there is a little middle ground.
In a unanimous decision, the court rejected a San Diego County fertility clinic's attempt to use its physicians' religious beliefs as a justification for their refusal to provide artificial insemination for a lesbian couple.

Now throw a baby up in that lesbian, you backwards fuck. Oh, wait, the lesbian was refused care in 2000. She went to another clinic and now has 3 babies. Slow the fuck down, lesbian.

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