Jul 29, 2008

Republicans Create Shocklingly Non-Hilarious Obama Webpage

The GOP is getting quite feisty. They have created a web page that looks like Facebook, but it's called BarackBook. Get it? It's got Barack's name instead of the word "Face." Pretty good stuff. And the quality only improves from there.

Check out this hilarious gem of what Barack is up to now.

Barack is hoping to settle on an Iraq policy before November.

Hee hee. Get it? Besides having stated his Iraq policy many times and even written about it in the New York Times, he still hasn't "settled" it. Oh, and John McCain just said he was for setting a withdrawal timetable. Don't let those pesky facts get in the way of your funny! And there's more! Look at Barack's updates.
William Ayers has updated his profile

Antoin "Tony" Rezko is now friends with Nadhmi Auchi

Barack Obama and William Ayers are now friends with Marilyn Katz

Barack Obama is now friends with William Ayers

Ha ha! Obama is FRIENDS with those guys! Holy shit, I just laughed so hard my ass came out of my face. Can these guys get any funnier?
In Case You Missed It: Obama In Iraq`s Quicksand
Oh, yes they can! Quicksand is something people sink into and there is lots of sand in Iraq, so this is a clever way of saying Obama is sinking on his incredibly popular Iraq policy that was endorsed by the Prime Minister of Iraq! Good one!

Keep up the good work, RNC! You guys are like the Daily Show, but without the annoying funny stuff.

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Dani Snape said...

identity theft, anyone?